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Floor heating should be familiar to everyone, but it is still in two states: not familiar and acceptance. Many consumers will still have doubts about choosing floor heating when choosing household heating equipment. It is not because this kind of heating equipment has such defects, but because of the false rumors in the market, which leads to some misunderstandings about floor heating

today, the camel floor heating editor will interpret these misunderstandings one by one to see if you have also been recruited

1. Floor heating will definitely increase the floor load

some residential property owners are worried that floor heating will increase the floor load, so it is stipulated that floor heating is not allowed in residential areas

first of all, let's not talk about floor heating. Are you telling me that floor heating will increase the floor load? How heavy can the floor heating be? Is your floor pasted with cardboard? Is it so weak? The state stipulates that the earthquake resistance must be taken into account when building houses. Although the earthquake area in our country is complex, at least it is stipulated that it can resist an earthquake of magnitude 7 or more. You are so weak that you can't even handle the weight of the ground heating. Is there an earthquake? Stamp your feet and it will collapse

let's talk about floor heating. The total of floor heating and backfill cement is generally 6-8 cm. The weight of the floor heating pipe adds up to just a little. With cement, I believe that even if it will add some weight, it will not be worse than the magnitude 7 earthquake

and now the development of floor heating brand products is getting better and better. Many ultra-thin floor heating products are lighter and will not increase the load of the building at all

2. Floor heating will occupy floor height

this is the most criticized factor of floor heating. The residents of our country are more concerned about the floor height of their houses. The main problem in communicating with the owners in business seems to be the calculation of height

floor heating does occupy some floor height, but in fact, as mentioned in the previous article, ultra-thin floor heating is developing better and better, and the floor height problem has long been properly solved

3. The floor heating pipe will be blocked

independent heating generally uses a wall mounted boiler. The water in the water and floor heating circuit is closed, and it generally does not need to be replaced during use, which is unlikely to cause blockage

of course, the floor heating connected to the central heating system does need to consider the problem of blockage because of the corrosion and aging of the central heating pipes, but it is OK to add a filter device when doing floor heating

4. Water leakage problem

the service life of high-quality pipes is even longer than that of buildings. Man made damage is another matter. If there is a quality problem, the owner can claim compensation from the floor heating installation company and the pipe manufacturer. But the ground heating project doesn't seem to be so fragile

after water leakage, the traditional floor heating needs to dig the ground, but it doesn't need to dig all of them. Pressing can find out which circuit has problems. After finding the problem, the new floor heating also needs to uncover the floor to deal with the problem, but it is relatively simple to deal with the problem

if you install a gas stove in your home, the floor heating water is closed circulation, and the amount of water is not so large that it overflows the golden mountain. The most water in a circuit of ultra-thin floor heating is 2.16 liters

5. Floor heating should also be laid under legless furniture

if the indoor floor is paved with floor heating, fixed decorations or legless furniture should not be placed on the floor as far as possible. Because the floor heating panel is a heat dissipation surface, the hot air circulates from bottom to top, resulting in the greenhouse effect. If legless furniture is placed on the floor, the heat dissipation surface will be reduced, which will not only weaken the thermal effect, but also not fully dissipate the heat

the above are a few misunderstandings about floor heating summarized by the camel floor heating editor. I hope it will help you better understand floor heating





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