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Compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses, old houses and old houses is a systematic project, and there are no small differences in design and construction. If you want to achieve optimization, it is indeed a "knowledge"

compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses, old houses and old houses is a systematic project, and there are no small differences in design and construction. If you want to achieve optimization, it is indeed a “ Learning ”. For this reason, the reporter interviewed senior consultants and decoration experts who have worked hard in the decoration industry for more than ten years. They summarized some experience in view of some problems encountered in the decoration of old houses, and put forward “ Eight optimizations ” Principle, for the reference of friends who need to do second-hand house decoration, old house decoration and old house decoration

first, structural optimization

1. Before the decoration of second-hand houses and old houses, some structural layout optimization should be carried out according to the actual situation of the house to make full use of the wasted space

2. Dismantle and transform some partition walls (non load-bearing walls), wall cabinets, top cabinets, etc., and increase and improve the lighting and utilization rate

II. Waterway optimization

1. Add some water inlets, outlets and drains according to the locations of showers, wash basins, toilets, washing machines, vegetable basins, mop basins, water purifiers, electric water heaters and gas water heaters

2. Replace the old pipelines with PPR pipes (preferably PPR composite copper pipes) with concealed pipes

3. The old valve cannot be closed tightly, which is neither beautiful nor easy to use. It is best to replace it with a vacuum copper ball valve with reliable quality

III. circuit optimization

1. In many buildings around the 1990s, a circuit is mixed with lighting and sockets, and the wire is aluminum core wire or 1.5 square copper core wire. Once several appliances are opened at the same time or which appliance leaks electricity, the master switch jumps, causing other appliances to be unable to work normally. In addition, the circuits of these old houses have no grounding protection, It is impossible to effectively prevent accidental injury to human body caused by circuit aging or leakage after short circuit, which requires thorough transformation

2. At the end of last century, the government carried out capacity increase treatment for the strong current system of some old buildings, but the capacity increase part is generally limited to the air conditioning circuit, which can basically ensure the use. However, most of these capacity increase cables are routed in trunking or directly outside the wall with three-phase sheathed wires, which seriously affects the overall aesthetics of the wall, and these lines should also be transformed into dark lines

3. These old houses; The distribution box setting of old houses is generally old, the circuit is too simple, and the power ratio of each circuit is not reasonable. It is necessary to plan a safe and reasonable circuit design according to the power of all electrical equipment. Ideally, there should be five switch circuits in the distribution box: main switch, lighting, ordinary socket, air conditioner, kitchen and bathroom socket. If there is a fast heating water heater, a separate circuit with a 6 square meter copper core wire needs to be added

4. With more and more household appliances and lamps, there are many places where switches and sockets need to be placed. Before decoration, we must do the wiring work well in advance, and plan in advance what electrical appliances need to be placed in the future. However, the reserved switches and sockets in old houses are generally not enough. Generally speaking, a room should be equipped with at least 3 sockets, and the number of sockets in a two bedroom residence should be no less than 15, and the number of switches should be no less than 8. The switch height in the same room should be the same. Generally, the lower part of the switch is 1.4 meters away from the ground, and the lower part of the socket is 0.3 meters away from the ground. All switches should be set at places that are easily accessible

IV. weak current optimization

1. Cable TV and telephone lines should be rewired according to actual needs

2. Add satellite TV and connect with LAN, because many satellite TV programs need to be decrypted through the network

3. Network TV is the trend in the future, so each TV port should add a network interface, which is distributed through the router in the weak current box

4. Adding weak current distribution boxes, modems, routers, TV distributors, etc. requires power and corresponding space. It will be much more convenient to have a special weak current distribution box

v. wall optimization

1. Remove the original ordinary putty that is not environmentally friendly and water-resistant, and replace it with a more environmentally friendly and reliable Meichao easy to scratch 800 water-resistant and anti cracking putty

2. The original local hollowing and cracking parts on the wall and floor foundation must be eradicated to a solid base, and then the kraft paper tape and glass mesh cloth must be pasted to prevent cracking

3. The wall plastering layers of many brick concrete buildings around the 1990s are mostly paper reinforced lime overlay, and the interior is mixed mortar with very low bonding strength. This kind of wall is particularly prone to large-area hollowing and cracking, and crack prevention treatment should be done in advance before puttying

4. When the wall surface of internal insulation and non load-bearing wall cracks seriously, it must be fully pasted with 9.5mm thick paper gypsum board to prevent cracking

VI. door and window optimization

1. Replace the original doors and windows that are not heat preservation and sound insulation, such as replacing the old push-pull doors and windows with hollow glass side hung doors and windows, and conditionally replace them with more environmentally friendly and energy-saving bridge broken aluminum doors and windows

2. Replace the entry door without thermal insulation and sound insulation with the three proofing door of thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention and ventilation. Replace the indoor doors without sound insulation with sound insulation wooden doors with sealant strips, etc

VII. Thermal insulation optimization

1. Some old houses have not done thermal insulation treatment for balcony breast boards and external walls, or the thermal insulation treatment measures are unreasonable

2. Use light brick, extruded board, thermal insulation rock wool and other materials with excellent light and thermal insulation performance to conduct thermal insulation and sound insulation treatment in these parts with weak thermal insulation performance

VIII. Waterproof optimization

1. The waterproof layer of the toilet and kitchen of the old house has been aging for a long time, and the anti leakage effect has been greatly reduced

2. The high molecular polymer Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Mortar with superior environmental protection performance can be used for waterproof treatment

3. After the waterproof is completed, fill the ground with water and conduct a 24-hour closed water test. If there is no leakage, the next process such as brick laying can be carried out





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