I love you all my life. I met you in Wenzhou on Se

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I love you all my life. Your simple and generous appearance and pure heart make me fall in love with you at first sight - Jiusheng flooring, love my family, and give my family a healthy home life. I choose Jiusheng flooring

thousands of products, many discounts, gifts and prizes are waiting for you

on September 21, the factory of "love for life" of Jiusheng flooring will provide direct benefits, which will be grandly held at jinyindao hotel in Wenzhou. Zhejiang consumers are sincerely invited to visit the site and participate in the activity together! The maximum price of on-site products drops by 70%, and the Haoli award is waiting for you

thousands of products drop by 70% at the highest.

there are many products: thousands of products, new products, and hot sales throughout the province. Solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, new solid wood, American style original flavor, constant warm geothermal five series, more than 1000 products are paid for the whole line

there are many discounts: there are all kinds of discounts for the whole audience, and they are worth your time. There are more abundant Taobao products, some of which have fallen by 70%, and there must be one for you

many gifts: multiple luxury gifts, benefiting the public and exceeding their value. Privilege gifts, order gifts, all kinds of exquisite gifts are waiting for you to get

many prizes: super value awards, buy more, win even. There is a lottery link at the scene, and all kinds of brand household appliances are won in succession. The more you buy, the greater the chance of winning the prize

make an appointment in advance and enjoy six privileges

pay 50 yuan in advance for this activity, and you can get a "privilege card" of China home DreamWorks, enjoying six privileges

enjoy a super gift, and get a beautiful gift worth 298 yuan with a privilege card at the event site

enjoy the value-added deposit. If you place an order on site with a privilege card, you can get a voucher for special accessories for Jiusheng flooring of up to 500 yuan

enjoy luxury awards. With the privilege card, there is an opportunity to draw super luxury awards such as brand household appliances at the event site

privileged products, with the privilege card, have the opportunity to buy privileged goods (from 9.21 yuan/m2 for Jiusheng privileged floor, 10m2 for each household, a total of 10 households)

enjoy new products, Jiusheng flooring 2014 new products are grandly launched, factory direct sales are limited, and grabbing is making money

enjoy considerate service, make a world order, and extend the warranty for one year

come and make an appointment in advance! Such a huge benefit can't be missed. New products are launched, rich experience, and the quality of Jiusheng flooring is guaranteed. Let's meet in Wenzhou on September 21




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