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Cow dung dehydrator pig dung solid-liquid separator video

cow dung dehydrator pig dung solid-liquid separator video

the reporter learned that nearly 100000 cows raised in a free range in Shandong have enough feces to cover thousands of football fields in a day. 2.5 million tons of livestock manure are produced every year, most of which are cow manure, but only 40% of them are returned to the field, about 1million tons; Farmers sell or cannot collect by themselves, accounting for 5%, about 120000 tons; The remaining 55%, about 1.5 million tons, will cause great pressure on the protection of Erhai Lake if it is not treated in a timely and effective manner

the new treatment uses cow dung dehydrators to produce organic fertilizer

the monitoring data of relevant departments show that among the main pollutants causing non-point source pollution, livestock dung accounts for about 40%, farmland runoff accounts for about 40%, and rural sewage accounts for about 20%

in 2009, Jining Liyang environmental protection and energy saving equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liyang environmental protection") began to establish a livestock and poultry feces collection station in a certain place in Shandong, and purchased fresh cow dung by paying cash or "exchanging manure for manure" for the production of organic fertilizer. Zhengfu also provides organic fertilizer subsidies for farmers, uses policy advantages to promote organic fertilizer and gradually replace chemical fertilizer. "Livestock and poultry manure collection stations, cattle manure dehydrators have covered the whole of Shandong, and will grow to 24 this year."

the project of "cow dung dehydrator of livestock and poultry breeding pollution control and Resource Engineering in a certain place in Shandong" undertaken by Liyang environmental protection mainly aims at the resource and harmless collection and treatment of livestock and poultry feces produced by the dairy livestock breeding industry around Shandong. Two extra large organic fertilizer processing plants and one organic fertilizer processing branch have been built. Three organic fertilizer processing plants with an annual output of 300000 tons of organic fertilizer, 100000 tons of biological bacterial fertilizer, 100000 tons of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, a total of 500000 tons of fertilizer production capacity, with an annual treatment of more than 1.6 million tons of livestock manure, can reduce 9300 tons of CDO, 1311 tons of total nitrogen, 354 tons of total phosphorus, 513 tons of an nitrogen and other nutrients into Erhai Lake

new income cow dung can also be sold for money

a "Eurasian family ranch" is operated in Hewei village, Shangguan town. His family is about 30 meters away from the sea and the main water source of the lake is the michu river. His family has two yards, one of which is inhabited by people and the other has 23 cows. "Our family has been raising cattle for more than 10 years. In recent six or seven years, we have sold feces once or twice a day. The enclosure is very clean and easy to manage. At first, it was 50 yuan a ton, but now it is 80 yuan a ton. 700 to 800 kilograms of feces are sold every day, and it can sell about 2000 yuan a month." Mr. Duan said that in the past, cow dung could only be used for farming, but it could not be used so much. There was no place to pile it. As soon as it rained, it was washed into the road and river, and everywhere was dirty. Cow dung dehydrator manufacturer --18853701152, qq--3073054150

Changgou Town, Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province

now, cow dung can be sold for money. After being collected every day, it is sent to the collection station for treatment with cow dung dehydrator, which not only increases an extra income, "Four tons of cow dung can produce one ton of organic fertilizer. Based on the factory's annual capacity of 200000 tons, we can process 800000 tons of dung every year. According to the different quality, the purchase price of cow dung is divided into three levels: 80 yuan per ton, 100 yuan and 120 yuan. Farmers increase their income by 128million yuan a year by selling cow dung."




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