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Summer is coming, all kinds of summer insects begin to appear everywhere, and the sultry weather also drives the breeding of bacteria. For the health of our family, we should pay more attention to the cleaning of household items

summer is coming, and all kinds of summer insects begin to appear everywhere. The sultry weather also drives the breeding of bacteria. For the health of our family, we should pay more attention to the cleaning of household items. The daily common items in the family, after a long time, have passed the "shelf life" of necessities. You must remember to replace them regularly, otherwise it will endanger the health of your family. These 10 items must be replaced

1. Shower ball

there are usually 7.2 billion bacteria hidden on a shower ball. In addition to fungi, there are also a variety of flora contaminated in the bathroom. The bath ball will be stained with dead skin and breed bacteria after long use. It is recommended to thoroughly clean it every 1 to 2 weeks and replace it with a new bath ball every quarter

2. Toothbrush

generally speaking, toothbrushes are made of plastic, and only a few toothbrushes are made of animal hair. Under normal circumstances, according to the frequency of use twice a day in the morning and evening, the plastic toothbrush needs to be changed once every 1-2 months. Toothbrushes with animal hair should be changed after one month at most. Because the toothbrush with animal hair has more protein, it is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria in the teeth, while the plastic toothbrush is relatively better in cleaning and bacteriostasis

3. Towels

people usually put towels in the bathroom, and towels made of pure cotton have particularly good moisture absorption and water storage, which provides a 'hotbed' for the breeding of bacteria. There are millions of bacteria on the towels used "overdue", which is likely to contain Chlamydia trachomatis and other pathogenic microorganisms, causing pore blockage, skin infection or trachoma. It is recommended that you change towels every 2-3 months

4. Contact lens box

once the cover of the contact lens box is opened, bacteria will easily come to the door, increasing the risk of eye infection. In daily washing and care, the contact lens box * should be cleaned and disinfected in about 3 days, which is not easy to breed bacteria and fungi. Contact lens case * Don't put it in the bathroom even if it's good, because it's damp and easy to get moldy, which is more likely to breed bacteria. When the contact lens box has been used for about 3 months, the contact lens box can be replaced

5. There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bacteria in the hair of pillows. When sleeping, the dust and bacteria in the hair stick to the pillow, and the inadvertent saliva and sweat will also penetrate into the pillow, breeding bacteria and causing skin allergies and diseases. Therefore, pillows should be replaced regularly and kept clean

6. The packaging shell of lipstick

lipstick has a specific date of use, but it is not printed on some lipstick. Therefore, many people will still take out lipstick for use after placing it for a long time. Usually, the service life of unopened lipstick is two to three years, but it is better to use it within one year after opening it. If used for a long time or improperly, Staphylococcus aureus will easily breed on the surface, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, fever and other symptoms. The lipstick or lip gloss * you use every day should be changed frequently, because it is easy to get bacteria on the wet surface of your lips

7. Nail polish

nail polish of various colors is put in many bottles at home, and one bottle is used for many years, which is also undesirable. Nail polish itself contains substances harmful to human body, and nail polish placed for a long time is more harmful to human body. Nail polish is usually changed once a year

8. Powder Blusher

powder Blusher after opening is more likely to deteriorate, and it needs to be replaced when it expires. Because it is directly rubbed on the skin, it is easy to cause skin allergy, and even canker if it is serious! Powder Blusher is usually changed every 18 months

9. Non stick pan

the non stick pan coating will crack at high temperature and release two toxic substances, one is fluorochlorocarbon, the other is carbon trifluoride. The former is harmful to animal body tissue and will accumulate in the body; The latter is toxic and will damage the body. So if the paint doesn't stick to the pot, it should be replaced immediately

10 dishwashing cotton

researchers from the Department of environmental engineering at Florida State University in the United States said that 20% of dishwashing cloths contain bacteria that can cause disease, such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella. Especially in summer, some dishwashing cloths that are not clean enough will breed a large number of bacteria, making tableware "cross infected" due to contact with dishwashing cloths in the washing process. Not only can it not play a cleaning role, it may also affect the health of family members due to "secondary pollution". Therefore, even if the method of heating and disinfecting with hot water on a regular basis can be achieved, it is also recommended to replace it regularly. * it is better to replace it once a month

as daily necessities, the purchase cost is not high, but they are really used very frequently. For the sake of health, you should change and wash frequently and remember to replace! Healthy life can also choose the environmental protection home brand Deville mall Customization hotline: 400-8822-118





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