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A collection of basic knowledge of base paper: door width, classification, use, etc.

generally, the minimum door width of base paper is 800mm. Of course, paper mills can be divided according to different door widths, and the maximum is 2800 at present, because the largest production line door width in China is 2800 at present. The production line door width of each factory is different, and the minimum and maximum choices are different, but it is generally 125px

in the Pearl River Delta region, due to the custom in Hong Kong, it is measured in inches, of which the minimum is 29 and the maximum is 55, with a total of 14 odd widths. The base paper produced into paperboard has 14 paper sizes (the width of paperboard along the pit direction), i.e. 29, 31, 35, 37, 3955

2. Identification of base paper

classification of base paper (gram weight and code): paper can be classified according to national standards, and there are also commonly used terms in the Pearl River Delta region. However, either way, it is based on the following principles:

(1) bursting index is the measurement standard. Generally speaking, the higher the bursting index, the higher the grade, According to the bursting index, it is divided into the following categories:

k paper: bursting index: over 3.2 g/m2

a paper: bursting index: 2 2G weight range g/m2

b paper: bursting index: 2 7 gram weight range g/m2

c paper: bursting index: below 2.2 gram weight range g/m2

American card: American imported cow card, bursting index generally above 4.3

Australian card: Australian imported cow card, bursting index generally above 4.3

Russian card: Russian imported cow card, bursting index generally above 4.7

white card: white cow card, bursting index generally above 2.3

coated white board paper: white card coated on the surface, The bursting index can also be approached gradually around 1.8

(2) the common appellation in the Pearl River Delta:

k paper: 250g/m2 t paper (white): 200g/m2

a paper: 175g/m2 2 paper: 125g/m2

b paper: 125g/m2 3 paper: g/m2

c paper: 127g/m2 6 paper: 200g/m2

g paper: 300g/m2 7 paper: 260g/m2

f paper: 112G g/m2 8 paper: 310g/m2

w paper: 180g/m2 9 paper (white): 125g/m2

kw (140g/m2) It is also called cow bottom white 1 paper: 112g/m2

m paper: 160g/m2 5 paper: 150g/m2

according to the purpose classification: face paper and lining paper

face paper: that is, a layer of kraft paper on the corrugated board, also known as box board paper

a. face paper (the main purpose of the box board is to understand the ideas and relevant policies for the development of biodegradable materials and products industry in Jilin Province) is generally unbleached kraft paper, which is made on a long paper machine with fibers mainly composed of cork kraft pulp, At present, the base pulp is generally domestic ink "> waste paper, and the surface is mainly made of American waste vermicelli.

b. when making paper, a layer of bleached pulp is added to the top surface of unbleached box board paper, so that the box board paper with one side of white and the other side of primary color is called white box board paper, which is suitable for ink"> printing

c. the physical indexes of carton board include bursting strength and ring compression strength

d. the quantity of carton board is generally (g/m2)

corrugated core paper: that is, the corrugated base paper includes the core paper (medium paper) and corrugated paper for the production of corrugated board

a. it is mainly made of semi chemical pulp (i.e. the raw pulp is soaked and steamed with sulfite and soda ash, and then mechanically ground into pulp). Sometimes in order to reduce the weight, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals are also used on long paper machines. At present, waste paper production is mainly used in China

b. the main physical indexes are ring compression strength and fracture length

c. the quantity of corrugated paper is generally g/m2

lining paper: that is, the innermost layer of corrugated board. Generally used paper with the same surface is also called box board paper

however, the inner paper generally uses box board paper with breakthrough in new technology, new process, new product and new material

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