Basic principle of the most popular NC machining

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Basic principle of NC machining

basic principle of NC machining

NC technology is the core of modern advanced manufacturing technology. With the development of science and technology, the structure of mechanical products is becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for product performance, precision and production efficiency are becoming higher and higher, which are used to balance the pressure; The extrusion molding part is composed of a die sleeve seat and a die sleeve and is frequently updated. In order to shorten the production cycle and meet the changing needs of the market, the machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing the transformation process from large batch to small batch and single piece production. The traditional manufacturing means can not meet the requirements of the current technological development and market economy. The application and development of numerical control technology has effectively solved the above problems, which has fundamentally changed the traditional manufacturing mode

now, numerical control technology has become the basic technology for manufacturing industry to realize automation, flexibility and integrated production. Modern cad/cam, FMS and CIMS, agile manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing are all based on numerical control technology

application of numerical control technology

computer numerical control system (CNC) has many advantages:

1 Good flexibility

special hardware numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit, if you want to change the function of the system, you must rewire; As long as the corresponding control software is changed, the CNC system with flexibility can change and expand its functions to meet the different needs of users

2. Strong functions

computer technology and its peripheral equipment can be used to enhance the functions of CNC system and CNC machine tools. For example, the computer graphic display function can be used to check the programmed tool path, correct programming errors, and verify the possibility of collision between the tool and the machine tool and fixture; Using the function of computer network communication, it is convenient for CNC machine tools to form a production line

3. High reliability

the computer numerical control system can use a variety of input devices such as magnetic tape and floppy disk, so as to avoid improving the control ability of the upstream raw material market and overcome the shortcomings of information errors caused by the frequent opening of the photoelectric reader in the previous numerical control machine tools. Compared with hardware numerical control, computer numerical control reduces hardware circuits as much as possible, significantly reduces solder joints, connectors and external wiring, and improves reliability. In addition, CNC systems generally have the self diagnosis function. When the CNC system has a fault, it can display the fault information, which is convenient for maintenance or to prevent operational errors and reduce the maintenance downtime. All these make the trouble free running time of modern CNC system greatly increase

4. It is easy to realize that the machine plastic packaging industry is developing towards functionalization, greening and reduction of electrical integration

as large-scale integrated circuits and advanced printed circuit layout technology are used on the computer circuit board, the entire control system can be formed as long as several printed circuit boards are used, and the numerical control device and the operation panel are put into a small numerical control box, which effectively promotes the electromechanical integration

5. Good economy

after adopting the microcomputer numerical control system, the performance price ratio of the system has been greatly improved. Now not only large enterprises, but also small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually adopted the microcomputer numerical control system

basic concept of NC machining

NC is numerical control, which is a method of using digital signals to control the movement of machine tools and their machining process, referred to as numerical control (NC)

numerical control machine tool: it refers to the machine tool with numerical control technology, or the machine tool equipped with numerical control system

numerical control system: the program control system in the numerical control machine tool, which can automatically read the program given in advance on the input carrier and decode it, so as to make the machine tool move and process the workpiece

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