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Basic knowledge of automobile transmission

automobile transmission has the following functions:

① change the transmission ratio, expand the variation range of driving wheel torque and speed, so as to adapt to frequently changing driving conditions, and make the engine work under favorable working conditions (high power and low fuel consumption)

② under the condition that the rotation direction of the engine remains unchanged, the vehicle can run backwards

③ use neutral gear to interrupt power transmission, so that the engine can start and idle, and facilitate transmission shift or power output

the transmission is composed of a variable speed transmission mechanism and a control mechanism. If necessary, a power take-off can be added. There are two ways in classification: according to the change of transmission ratio and according to the difference of operation mode

according to the change mode of transmission ratio:

step transmission? It is the most widely used one at present. It adopts gear transmission and has several fixed transmission ratios. According to the different gear train types used, there are two types of axial fixed transmission (ordinary transmission) and axial rotary transmission (planetary gear transmission). At present, the transmission ratios of passenger cars and light and medium-sized trucks usually have one forward gear and one reverse gear. In the combined transmission for heavy trucks, there are more gears. The so-called transmission gear number refers to its forward gear number

there are also stepless transmissions with relative molecular mass of 2million and 3million? Its transmission ratio can vary in infinite levels within a certain range of values. There are two common types: electric type and hydraulic force type (dynamic hydraulic type). The variable speed transmission component of the electric continuously variable transmission is the DC series motor, which is not only applied to the trolley bus, but also widely used in the transmission system of the super heavy dump truck. The transmission component of the hydrodynamic continuously variable transmission is the hydraulic torque converter

the integrated transmission is composed of a hydraulic torque converter and a size of 100 mm × The transmission ratio of hydro mechanical transmission composed of 100 mm gear type stepwise transmission can be changed steplessly within the range of several discontinuities between the maximum and minimum values. At present, it is widely used

according to the operation mode, the data collection, process control and post-processing of experimental data in the experimental process are all completed by the computer:

forced control transmission? The driver directly controls the shift lever to shift gears

automatic transmission? The transmission ratio selection and gear shifting are automatic. The so-called automatic means that the change of each gear of the mechanical transmission is realized by controlling the actuator of the gear shifting system with the help of the signal system reflecting the engine load and vehicle speed. The driver only needs to operate the accelerator pedal to control the vehicle speed

semi automatic transmission? There are two types: one is the automatic control of several commonly used gears, and the other gears are controlled by the driver; The other is preselection type, that is, the driver selects the gear with the button in advance. When pressing the clutch pedal or releasing the accelerator pedal, an electromagnetic device or hydraulic device is connected to shift gears

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