Application of moshuo senchuang AC servo in powder

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Application of "senchuang" AC servo in powder packaging machine

with the continuous innovation of powder packaging equipment, high efficiency, high precision, automation and intelligence have become a new standard. Some powder packaging machines with simple structure, low cost and reliable performance are welcomed by users who have exposed many problems in the long-term clinical use of small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of these powder packaging machines are driven by motors. The speed of the screw determines the speed of cutting, and the number of revolutions of the screw determines the weight of cutting, Therefore, the positioning accuracy and response ability of the motor at high speed often become one of the main factors that affect the performance of such equipment

simply speaking, the working principle of the powder packaging machine can be simplified into eight words "screw quantitative, weighing feedback". The block diagram of the equipment control system can be simplified as shown in the following figure:

as shown in the figure, the upper computer is used as a "controller" in the system, and manufacturers generally use their own single-chip microcomputer plus text display for control. Continue to optimize the catalyst performance. The single chip microcomputer determines the number of pulses sent to the servo driver during each filling according to the feedback signal, and controls the stroke of the motor. Only when changing the new powder variety and packaging weight every time, it is necessary to let the single chip microcomputer complete a self-learning process. The electronic scale acts as a "transmitter since it is non-standard customized" in the system. After weighing, a feedback signal is formed, which forms a deviation signal with the target value in the single chip microcomputer to determine the number of pulses sent to the servo system during the next filling

servo motor and driver play the role of "actuator" in the system. The discharging speed of the powder packaging machine depends on the speed of the motor and the clearance of the screw on the screw, but the excessive clearance of the screw will affect the accuracy of the weight of the powder package, so it is considered to increase the speed of the motor to achieve the purpose of improving the discharging speed of the packaging. This requires that the motor driving the screw has the ability to achieve accurate positioning at high speed. Compared with the stepping motor, the servo motor has the characteristics of strong response ability, good torque maintenance, accurate positioning and so on, which greatly improves the performance of powder packaging machinery. On this equipment, the servo motor adopts the position control mode, receives the pulse of the upper computer to realize positioning, and the photoelectric sensor at the discharge port is used as the trigger signal of the motor. When the packaging bag moves near the sensor, the sensor is triggered, and the motor acts to start unloading. During on-site commissioning, the motor is adjusted to the rated speed of 1500rpm, and the parameters are adjusted to improve the speed and position response of the motor. In the experiment, 500 grams of powder can be packed in bags every minute, with an error of about 2 grams, which can meet the actual use needs of users

in addition, since the control part of the equipment is a single-chip microcomputer system, it is easy to be disturbed, so some measures need to be taken to suppress the interference, such as separating the strong from the weak when the equipment is wired, the equipment should be well grounded, the signal line of the single-chip microcomputer adopts twisted shielded wire, and the control power supply should be added with isolation transformer or filter to suppress the entry of high-frequency interference signals, etc; The above measures can effectively improve the interference problem on site and make the equipment work normally

through the joint efforts and active cooperation of our company and customers, "senchuang" AC servo system has been successfully applied in powder packaging machine, and has met the actual use requirements of end users. Although the equipment is relatively simple to use for servo, it has high requirements for servo performance. We can also adjust the servo system according to different specifications and needs of the equipment, which also reflects the advantage of our company as a company with its own core development technology

source: Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. (the original four-way motor)

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