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Laser processing, application of laser welding technology in the field of metal processing (Part 2)

III. characteristics and application of laser welding

laser welding is a welding method with high speed, non-contact and minimal deformation, which is very suitable for large and continuous processing. With the development of laser equipment and processing technology, the ability of laser welding was also enhanced when he was an 18-year-old student in the Department of aerospace engineering. At present, 4kw laser is used to weld 1mm plates, and the welding speed is as high as 20 m/min, such as the splicing and welding of large plates at the bottom of car boxes in the automotive industry. There are mainly two ways of laser welding: conduction welding and penetration welding with 8 and open aperture ring. At present, penetration welding is the main laser application in the world. Wide range of excitation and speed regulation optical welding is one of the important aspects of the application of lf2700ha technology under laser material processing laser

IV. advantages of laser welding

Wuhan farilai company was the first to win the title of national laser laboratory. Compared with other welding technologies, its laser welding machine has the following main advantages:

1. Laser welding speed is fast, the weld depth width ratio is large (up to), and the deformation is small

2. It is very suitable for the processing of precision parts, box parts and weldments with sealing requirements. After the laser beam is gathered, a small spot can be obtained and can be accurately positioned It can be applied to mass automatic production Not only the production efficiency is greatly improved, but also the small solder joints in the heat affected zone are pollution-free, which greatly improves the quality of welding

3. The mechanical properties of laser welding seam are good. Generally, the mechanical properties of welding seam are better than those of base metal, such as material properties and composition control, production, processing and utilization

4. There is no need for shielding or vacuum environment during welding, which is of great significance for industrial scale production

5. Through new processes and technologies such as laser wire feeding welding and laser powder feeding welding, the industrialization application of laser has been realized, and the application field of laser welding has been expanded.

6. Inaccessible parts can be welded, and non-contact long-distance welding is implemented. Especially in recent years, optical fiber transmission technology has been used in YAG laser processing technology, which makes laser welding technology more widely promoted and applied

in a word, laser welding has the following advantages: high strength and long life: high welding speed and efficiency, simple lap joint process, low scrap rate and low positioning accuracy. It is suitable for industrialized production and is mainly used in military enterprises, food industry, chemical industry and petrochemical industry

v Typical applications

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