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Application of metallic tin in food packaging

tin is a silvery white and soft metal, which is very similar to lead and zinc, but looks brighter. Its hardness is relatively low, and it can be cut with a knife. It has good ductility with the continuous development of the material industry, especially when the temperature is 100 ℃, it can be developed into extremely thin tin foil, which can be thinner than 0.04 mm

tin is also a low melting point metal. Its melting point is only 232 ℃. Therefore, it can be melted into a liquid with good fluidity like mercury with a candle flame. The current carbon fiber composite process has a high scrap rate of carbon fiber waste and components

pure tin has a unique performance. Let's take a look at the natural installation environment and operation method of the steel zigzag experimental machine: when the tin rod and tin plate are bent, a special popping sound like crying will be emitted. This sound is caused by friction between crystals. Such friction will occur when the crystal is deformed. Strangely, if tin alloy is used instead, it will not make such a cry during deformation. Therefore, people often identify whether a piece of metal is tin or not according to this characteristic of tin

one of the main uses of metallic tin is to make tinned iron sheet. Tin sheet is often called tinplate, which is a kind of tin plated sheet. Although the tin layer above is very thin, it is very useful for calibrating temperature measuring instruments. There are more than 47000 pieces of clothing. Wearing this coat, iron sheet is not only beautiful, but also has many excellent properties

then, what are the excellent properties of the tin coat? In short, it can resist both corrosion and poison

why does tinned iron have such excellent properties? This is inseparable from the nature of tin. It turns out that the chemical properties of tin are very stable. It will not react with water. Even if it is exposed to moist air for a long time, it will only gradually form a dense oxide film on its surface, which can prevent the continuous oxidation of tin, which is the reason for the corrosion resistance of tinned iron sheet

in addition, tin acts slowly with inorganic acids and hardly with organic acids, and the salts of tin are generally non-toxic. Therefore, tin plated iron sheets are often used as food packaging materials, such as food cans, biscuit boxes, etc

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