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Application of error proofing detection technology in engine manufacturing

in the automotive industry with increasingly fierce global competition, improving product quality, reducing processing waste and reducing manufacturing costs have become an important part of current enterprise competition. In the process of automobile engine manufacturing, various detection technologies are used to prevent potential risks such as mixed loading, missing loading, missing processing, and processing errors, effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market

the sensors and accessories provided by Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd. (Bonner company for short) can provide customers in the automotive industry with economical and applicable error proof detection solutions, which can ensure product quality, increase reliability, improve output and save production costs. Over the years, with its continuously innovative sensor technology, Bonner company has provided customers with simple and easy-to-use high-performance photoelectric sensors, workpiece sorting light curtains, laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, visual sensors and safety products to help customers in the automotive industry solve practical application problems in production

error proofing solution

1. Engine valve stem installation detection

in the engine assembly process, due to missed processing, processing errors and other reasons, the assembly will not be in place or cannot be assembled at all, resulting in the impact on the subsequent processing technology, product quality problems and equipment damage problems. For example, in the assembly of the valve stem of the engine, the valve stem cannot be installed in place due to the reasons mentioned above, so this situation must be detected to prevent this error from being transferred to the next station. The diameter of the valve stem is 5mm. It is easy to detect the valve stem that is not in place with the high-resolution mini-array system with a resolution of 2.5mm

Figure 1 engine valve stem installation detection scheme

2 Counting and inspection of small parts

in the process of automobile manufacturing, there will be many separation and counting problems of small parts. D10 expert sensor d10dnfp (with double switch output) with a pair of 16 beam linear plastic rectangular light does not affect the inspection fiber pirs1x166umpmal, which can be used for counting and inspection of parts. The ball drops through a light curtain composed of a pair of 16 beam plastic optical fibers. An output of d10 is used to count the dropped balls. The other output is set to stop feeding when more than two beams are blocked at the same time (indicating that the ball size exceeds the standard). So as to count the balls falling from the vibration feed inlet and monitor the balls with excessive size (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 counting and inspection of parts

3. Engine pin detection

in the assembly process of the engine, due to missed processing, processing errors and other reasons, the assembly will not be in place or cannot be assembled at all, resulting in the impact on the subsequent processing technology, product quality problems and equipment damage problems. For example, to detect the hole of the cylinder head, the detection platform is installed on the top of the cylinder head, and the pin top is installed into the hole of the platform. Then the detection platform drops, and the pin falls into the hole of the lower cylinder. When the hole is misplaced or there is no hole, the pin cannot slide, and the high-resolution mini-array will detect the pin that cannot slide. As shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 engine pin detection

4. Multi workpiece positioning

in the actual production process, the detection and size detection of multiple feature points on parts are very common, and accurate detection can help production enterprises effectively improve production efficiency. It is difficult to detect accurately with ordinary single point sensor. It can be easily realized by the presence plus Pro vision system with appropriate lens, light source and trigger signal provided by PLC. The presence plus Pro is used for object positioning, feature point detection, size detection, crack detection, measurement, counting and other functions. Vision uses a variety of detection tools (such as pixel detection tools, object tools, and edge tools that are difficult to detect once internal damage occurs) to achieve the above functions and ensure the accuracy and quality of parts. As shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 multi feature point detection

in automobile powertrain assembly line, other items operated in sequence and warehouse order processing, it is necessary to operate according to the established operating procedures. Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure the correctness of the operation sequence

the PVA light curtain of Bonner company is the key to solve the application problems of automobile assembly line. The application of PVA light curtain can effectively prevent errors in the assembly process. Its transmitting and receiving devices are installed on both sides of the material box, and its high-definition work indicator light instructs the operator to select a specific material box. When the operator selects the correct workpiece, the PVA light curtain is blocked, and the output here enters the PLC or computer according to the size signal of the sample to confirm the correct operation. The PLC or computer will start the PVA indicator light of the material box in the next process, and the wrong operation or out of order operation will be found in time

Figure 5 sorting of parts

the advantages of using PVA light curtain are:

(1) ensure the detection of workpieces in sequence, prevent repeated operations, and improve the assembly quality

(2) it is easy for novices or temporary assemblers to quickly master the operation process

(3) it is convenient to continue operation after working clearance or replacing components

(4) it is flexible, easy to assemble different products on the same assembly line, and the training workload is greatly reduced


in the process of mass industrial production, especially in some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual operation or occasions where it is difficult for human eyes to strengthen cooperation in the fields of mineral products deep processing, new energy, electric power, agriculture and animal husbandry, border ports and so on, the use of advanced error proof detection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation. Moreover, the digital signal transformed by the sensor is easy to realize information integration, which is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing

Bonner's advanced products and technologies have served the automotive industry for more than 30 years. In the past 20 years, Bonner has gradually become one of the largest and most satisfactory sensor suppliers in North America. Today, Bonner has established extensive cooperation with global automotive manufacturing partners, including auto manufacturers, auto production equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers. (end)

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