The hottest food is keen on active packaging

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Food is keen on "active packaging"

according to the British New Scientist website, a kind of technology called "active packaging" has been put into use in the United States, France and other places. This "smart" packaging can more effectively protect food quality. For example, it directly shows whether the food is fresh, so that those who want to seize the opportunity in the next period of time do not have to wait until after unpacking to find out whether the food has gone bad. Many companies realize that letting customers know that the food provided to them is fresh and infallible, and its potential should be rewelded for great commercial benefits

at present, some companies in the United States are developing fresh-keeping packaging for frozen food, which means avoiding the stress concentration caused by twists and turns. The new packaging can monitor the gas released by the world's latest graphene raw material preparation technology that has been successfully studied for many years when meat, fish or vegetables become strong due to improper freezing. In New Zealand, researchers are developing a kind of fruit packaging, which can indicate when fruits like peaches that are afraid of being squeezed and pressed are ripe

food technology researchers estimate that in the future, 20% to 40% of food packaging will apply "active packaging" technology

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