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Current situation analysis and problems of domestic paper industry

at present, the paper industry and related industries continue to develop at a high speed, and the paper sector has become the investment highlight of the Ding stock market. With the long-term prosperity and development of the domestic paper industry t market, the listed companies in the paper industry u Ⅲ have taken fj{r brilliant financial statements, which has recently increased the confidence of investors. However, with the prosperity of the paper industry "H market, the rise of paper prices; the break-up of the climb has brought heavy pressure to the edge collapse related industries. In 2007, the paper {r and JKB companies achieved an operating revenue of 45.348 billion yuan, a 4-year increase of} less than 88%, the sales, No. and j profits of 3.237 billion yuan, an increase of 35.2%, The net profit was 3.015 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 522%. Benefiting from the rise in the price of thousand paper, in the first quarter of 2008, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1267.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 308%, and the net profit of the industry increased by 125.2% year-on-year and 39.8% month on month. According to_ 11iii the latest table of import and export commodity categories released by the customs shows that the import and export amount of wood pulp, paper and paper products from January to March 2008 totaled US $322.45 million, an increase of 49.64% over the same period last year

among them, the amount of Yamaguchi reached US $167.79 million, Compared with last year, J increased by 5352% year-on-year, and the amount of u input reached US $154.66 million, an increase of 4565% year-on-year. By taking J: (2) Boundary friction refers to the friction data of a boundary film with lubricating property on the friction surface. It is obvious that China's paper industry is on the high-speed road of rapid development. How did the paper industry go against the current on the premise of the poor economic environment and the slowdown of domestic economic development? First, iz's indosin is complex. conserve energy ,reduce emissions. Industry concentration Leading enterprises have benefited in recent years, and China's paper industry has produced_ The concentration continues to increase, and the production scale of nitou enterprises in the industry has increased rapidly. 2 [l] the ratio of the output of the top 10 enterprises to the total output was close to 25% 7 years ago. In terms of the number of Enterprises above Designated Size, there are about 3008 paper-making enterprises above Designated Size in our country. By February this year, 136 to 2872 paper-making enterprises have been closed in three short-term periods. Recently, because we can always pay attention to the earliest wood plastic technology trends and first-rate achievements at home and abroad, the news of paper mill awards and closures has been released all over the country. At present, there are 28 [J] enterprises still producing cattle

the closure of a large number of small plough paper-making enterprises has significantly expanded the victory of large paper-making enterprises and JK. China Packaging 2009/driven by the national papermaking industry policy and energy conservation and emission reduction, H papermaking and canthus II have increased. In addition, from the perspective of the output expansion plan for the next two years, the newly added capacity of RF is about 2.2 million tons, which has been built or prepared by listed leading enterprises with test reports, such as Chenming, Huatai, sun, bonj and other listed companies. Therefore, in L. Rising space and stronger self expansion of excellent enterprises in the industry The concentration of LK in China's paper industry will be further improved. The improvement of industrial concentration is beneficial to resist the drag of macroeconomic downturn stripping the performance growth of leading enterprises, and will significantly improve the bargaining power of enterprises on the upstream and downstream, and promote the benign development of the industry. It is suggested to pay attention to the investment value of leading enterprises

impact of the price of paper raw materials in recent years, the price of paper raw materials has been rising, which has affected the whole paper industry. According to the data of printing paper price rise, newspaper price rise, toilet paper price rise and diaper price rise, the domestic household paper price rise is more than 10%, cultural paper price rise is more than 30%, and packaging paper price rise is more than 30%. However, behind the rise, the paper industry has entered a long upward cycle. According to the latest analysis report of CITIC Securities, it is expected that this long upward cycle will continue until 2011. In the future, all bulk paper varieties will maintain the trend of continuous price increase. 2 [J] the annual growth rate of the industry's net profit in 2008 is about 70%. The report also pointed out that ij, from the middle of 7 years to the end of 2008, was mainly driven by price increases; After 2009, profit growth was driven by the release of structural capacity focused on fire enterprises. Case analysis why paper prices rise 72 () (in 2017, the annual output of paper in China increased by about 14% year-on-year. However, there was a negative growth at the end of 2007. The price of waste paper raw materials rose. The costs of manpower, machine operation, transportation and so on. The end of the bolt should slightly highlight the increase in the nut. From F, the profits of paper enterprises should be reduced. Therefore, in addition to the support of some large enterprises, some paper production enterprises can't afford to close down, stop and transfer, and other large enterprises find that small enterprises can't afford it. The relationship between supply and demand has changed dramatically As a result, the export price of paper has been raised. At the beginning of the afternoon, when the new paper brake was 45 [J] yuan per ton, the profit of touching IK was very low

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