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Food packaging and safety design

the safety requirements of food packaging are extremely important. Many goods fail to win the trust of users because of the neglect of safety in packaging, which makes the goods with excellent quality, good quality and potential market

hygiene and safety of packaging materials. When selecting packaging materials, the packaging of toxic or residual toxic ingredients is absolutely prohibited. Over the years, people have established different degrees of trust in different packaging materials

when consumers package food with different packaging materials, glass has the highest safety trust, followed by ceramics, and wood and plastic have the lowest safety trust. Originally, wood and plastic are also relatively safe packaging materials. The reason why the trust in them is reduced may be related to environmental protection publicity and some foreign restrictions on wood packaging

the health and safety of packaging materials is also related to the production process and treatment methods of packaging materials. Taking paper packaging materials as an example, the colorants of paper contain fluorescent dyes, which are toxic in various fillers, binders and pulp preservatives, making them radioactive residues. Strict inspection must be carried out when using them. The paper treated and colored with fluorescent dyes cannot be used for packaging food. Wax paper packaging was used to package candy food in the past. Now it has been verified that wax paper contains residual monomers, and some waxes also have carcinogens. Therefore, wax paper has been banned from packaging food in modern packaging

hygiene of packaging technology. The sanitary effect of different packaging treatment technologies is also different. In modern packaging technology, people generally believe that packaged food after high-temperature sterilization treatment is the most hygienic and safe, followed by packaged food after low-temperature quick freezing treatment is also more hygienic and safe. Purely from the perspective of packaging technology and methods, it is generally believed that vacuum packaging is safe for food hygiene, but some foods can be processed by high temperature or vacuum packaging, while others cannot. Therefore, for packaged food that can be processed by high temperature or food that has been processed by high temperature, the most trusted processing process or technology must be highlighted in the packaging. Those that can be vacuum packed shall be vacuum packed as far as possible

modern technology is constantly applied to modern food packaging. The sanitary effect after treatment is excellent, but the processed food should be preserved as much as possible in terms of nutritional composition, color, taste and so on. For example, radiation processing and microwave processing are ideal technical applications

other health and safety factors other factors affecting the health and safety of food packaging are as follows: human factors. When people come into contact with food or packaging during packaging, bacteria or other pollutants may be brought. Therefore, mechanical packaging should be used as far as possible during food packaging

physical factors. That is, the surface of packaging or food packaging, storage and transportation should be as smooth and flat as possible, so as not to contain debris and cause pollution during a large number of recruitment activities. Especially on the outer surface of the package, we should pay more attention, otherwise food dirt or dust will cause bacteria or visual hygiene pollution

matching factors. Different foods are matched with different packages, mainly in terms of chemical properties or colors. For example, the ingredients of food and packaging materials cannot produce harmful chemical reactions within a period of time after packaging; For another example, the color matching of food and packaging can not make people visually misleading (mold discoloration problem), which means that the health and safety of food packaging must consider matching factors

handling safety handling safety refers to the safety problems during loading and unloading within the range of 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃ at room temperature specified in transportation and all material mechanics testing standards. At the same time, it also includes the safety of consumers' extraction during shopping and carrying after shopping. These safety problems can be considered from how the construction engineering quality inspection center below should choose the concrete pressure testing machine

it has good stability and will not dump or move; It has good fixation and will not fall apart, penetrate or flow out (liquid food); Without injurious edges, corners and burrs; There are special hand-held devices to minimize temporary attachments (such as ropes, bags or others); The handling is universal, which can be carried out mechanically or manually; Take up as little space as possible

display safety display safety means that food packaging must meet the requirements of display. It will not affect itself or the commodities displayed around at the same time. Specifically, the following requirements should be met

it is best to adapt to various forms of display, such as flat display, vertical display, hanging display, etc; The display quality can be guaranteed, such as no leakage (water, gas, etc.), no discoloration, no deformation, no deterioration, etc. during the display period; Perspective, the food in the package can be displayed through different packaging structures or use methods. For example, the food pattern consistent with the food in the package can be displayed on the outer surface of the package. If it is really difficult to achieve, the food sample can be attached to the outer package; Or through transparent packaging (or opening perspective windows), consumers can see the texture, color and shape of the inner packaged food, so that consumers have a sense of security and trust

the most typical food packaging safety can be reflected through the packaging improvement of cans or oral liquids. In the past, there was a rumor that "cans are delicious but hard to open". Now, safety is advocated. This situation has been changed, and many easy to open cans have appeared. At the same time, the same is true of glass bottled oral liquid. The glass packaging of pull ring cover open oral liquid has become the mainstream today

the use safety of food packaging can be considered from the following aspects. When in use, it will not cause harm to the user; Automatic operation is convenient and safe, without accessories or tools (such as drill, opener, knife, etc.), and can be opened and enabled only by hand pulling, pressing, squeezing, etc; Eating without heating (caused by heating) to avoid burning or scalding consumers; The opening tool attached to the package has a safe and reliable guarantee when used

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