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Xi'an food packaging certification starts

the certification of food packaging/container product marks was officially launched in Xi'an yesterday. In the future, consumers should recognize the "CQC" mark on the package when buying food. If there is this mark, it indicates that the package is safe and hygienic and will not pollute the food in the package

according to experts from Xi'an Branch of China Quality Certification Center, food safety issues are increasingly being paid great attention by consumers and the country, but there is still a lack of effective management for the production, processing and use of food packaging materials. At present, many food packaging materials on the market are difficult to meet the national requirements for food safety, health and environmental protection. The main problems include benzene exceeding the standard, bacteria exceeding the standard, heavy metal residues, etc. for example, benzene is a strong carcinogen, which mainly exists in coatings and adhesives, and is widely used in the production of food packaging. However, many enterprises lack control and detection means, Benzene exceeding the standard is more serious than penetrating into the toothed thermal insulation aluminum profile tooth path through threading equipment. Recently, Lanzhou City conducted a random inspection of 7 products, and the benzene content exceeded the standard. Unqualified packaging materials will pollute food and endanger the health of consumers. Food packaging/container product mark certification controls the production process through a series of means such as sampling inspection, difference test, raw material supply filing, etc., so that consumers can buy products that continuously ensure safety, and technically ensure that enterprise products meet safety and health requirements

source of information: Xi'an standard has a clear hierarchy and a fair structure evening news

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