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Since the reform and opening up, China's food industry has developed rapidly. The rise of the food industry has greatly led to the revitalization of the food machinery market. At present, the food machinery market is in the ascendant and booming. The products have basically met the various needs of the majority of food production enterprises. However, in the production and operation of food machinery, some illegal producers and operators have resorted to fraud and steal work in order to make exorbitant profits and earn money. 1. Overview of the event: reducing materials, shoddy goods and fake goods have cast a shadow on the food machinery market. The author has worked in the food industry for more than ten years. According to my investigation, the food machinery market needs to "crack down on counterfeiting" in the following three aspects

first, quality "crackdown". Quality is not only the soul of food machinery, but also the premise to determine the quality of food products. In recent years, with the intensification of market competition, some food machinery manufacturing enterprises have cheated on work and materials in order to seize the market at a low price, replacing the poor with the good, and harming the majority of users. There is a food enterprise in Shaanxi that ensures the cleanliness of its materials. It bought a food machine in Fujian, and came back to find that it was a "three noes" product that could not be used. After the investigation of the law enforcement department, it was an underground factory, and the equipment produced was assembled and refitted from obsolete old machinery. It was painted and rinsed, and entrapped small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized food enterprises in the west, at a low price. These "three noes" small enterprises have "changed one shot for another", which has seriously damaged the order of the food machinery market and urgently needs to be cleaned up and punished

second, the price is "fake". In recent years, the food industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for machinery is also strong, so some tight and practical food machinery has become a "hot commodity". In this case, some machinery manufacturers "take advantage of the danger of others", bid up prices, make huge profits, and ask prices indiscriminately, especially some dealers. A few years ago, the author's production enterprise was in urgent need of an anti-theft cap sealing machine. A dealer asked for 3500 yuan without additional torque. Because he didn't know the market at that time, experts and leaders from the industry would also gather in Shanghai. Considering that the other party was a state-owned enterprise, he bought it. When paying, the businessman was kind enough to find that the enterprise was "too honest", and let another 300 yuan. Finally, 3200 yuan was traded. However, after inquiring later, the maximum value of this kind of machinery was 2500 yuan. In addition, at present, the price of some newly developed food machinery was unreasonable, and the price difference was too large, which made some users sigh at the price, and there was nothing they could do. Therefore, they hoped that the relevant departments would clean up the unreasonable price

third, the "crackdown on counterfeiting" in service commitments. When some production and operation enterprises sell, they often have many service "promises" that can impress the majority of users, such as "Gold Award", "Silver Award", "industry first", "free delivery", "dissatisfied return", etc., but in the specific operation, their promises are greatly discounted, especially in the service, they charge installation fees, consulting fees, etc., and some even ignore users. After a food enterprise in Gansu purchased the mechanical equipment of a manufacturer in Hunan, the manufacturer came to install and debug it, but the machinery failed repeatedly, which seriously affected the production. Finally, the installer secretly ran away, fought with the manufacturer, biting back at "the enterprise can't operate" and other reasons. Some enterprises have not kept their promises, charging packaging fees and transportation fees

in view of the above phenomena, the author suggests that local functional departments should carry out the "three crackdowns on counterfeits" as soon as possible, and not only fine the above illegal phenomena, but also expose the bright and ugly. At the same time, we hope that producers will be honest in their management, and consciously feel that such fraud should win the market with reliable quality and high-quality service. Otherwise, we can only destroy our image, disrupt the market, and harm others and ourselves

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