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Food packaging and promotion

food packaging is one of the best means of food promotion. The performance, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional components and cultural connotation (history and legends) of food cannot be identified by tasting like ancient commodity exchange. In modern society, it can only be publicized and explained, and explaining on the package is the best publicity

information promotion

the necessary information refers to the content that must be marked on the food package with a sales revenue of 17.07 billion yuan, as expressly stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, such as the name, trademark, manufacturer, main ingredients, net content, ex factory date (production date), shelf life, place of production (factory address), etc. These necessary information is marked on the package. After consumers buy, the package and goods are taken everywhere with the footprints of consumers, which virtually plays a role in publicity and promotion. In addition, the agent number (communication method), product standard number, product introduction, storage method, etc. can also be added to the package. In the product introduction, choosing the right words and language, through concise and attractive statements, will have a greater promotional effect. In fact, it plays the role of a salesman. Therefore, "packaging is a silent salesman"

image promotion

the image of food packaging is the performance of comprehensive ability. For a high-end food package, its image can be expressed as: good shape, beautiful color, excellent materials, appropriate capacity, unique shape, unique form of expression

image promotion is a promotion method that uses packaging to reflect the internal charm of food. Food appearance packaging can determine an image in consumption. Through packaging, consumers have the desire to buy for the first time. When a consumer is satisfied with his first consumption, he will buy again, and whenever he sees the same packaging or similar packaging, he will think of the satisfaction of the first use. Now people not only buy goods that need the least in life, but also buy goods that are not urgently needed in life. The success of commodity exchange depends on the image of the packaging. The key to image promotion is to position the goods well, and then determine the image of their packaging. Commodity positioning refers to gifts, daily consumer goods, leisure food and daily necessities

for example, Maotai, a national liquor, is famous all over the world. Its noble and elegant packaging, from the porcelain bottles in the inner packaging to the exquisite color boxes in the outer packaging, constitutes the overall image of Moutai. Image promotion should attract consumers (vision) according to their different requirements, and play an inspiring role, so that packaging plays an important role in food sales

color promotion

the selection of color in food packaging has a positive effect on promotion, mainly due to the psychological effect of various colors on people

the general rule of food packaging is to try to use bright and rich colors. Emphasize taste with red, yellow and orange, and highlight the freshness, delicacy and nutrition of food; Use blue and white to indicate the hygiene and coolness of food; Show the purity and safety of food with transparent or colorless; Show the freshness and pollution-free of food (such as vegetables) with green; Explain the history and magic of traditional food technology with calm and simple colors; Use red and gold to express the nobility and value of food. In addition, green should be used cautiously for foods prone to mildew, such as meat products, egg products and bread and cakes. Colorless and transparent packaging is the best choice for natural and beautiful food

structure promotion

there are many kinds of packaging promotion institutions, mainly including the following categories

overall structure. Unique and distinctive. Special is the key to the promotion of the overall structure of food packaging. Only through special can we show our uniqueness and attract the attention and interest of consumers, and carry out creative design on the basis of extensive market research, such as designing packaging bottles into circular, waist drum shaped, prismatic, animal shaped, spherical, combined, fruit shaped, etc

local structure. A certain part of the package adopts a special structure, such as the sealing and export of the package. A certain part is equipped with a special handle, a hole (for hand-held use or ventilation), and a prize recognition or opening method encrypted in the inner layer, so as to attract the attention of buyers for promotion

adopt distinctive, bionic, imitation, antique and other structural design, which is good for consumers. As described in the book "hidden lobbyists" written by American economist packton, "why should consumers buy more goods in supermarkets? Because today's consumers have the following consumption philosophy: as long as they buy what is satisfactory, as long as they buy goods that appear very chic for some reason." Chic in the book refers to the special structure of commodity packaging

brand promotion

brand promotion is a promotion method that uses packaging design to reflect the connotation of food. Some food brand names are so loud that they have become synonymous with this kind of products. For example, "Coca Cola", people naturally think of cola drinks

the key problem of packaging brand promotion is how to attract consumers' attention in many foods or similar products, which can be realized through the combination of three-dimensional and plane packaging

main strategies of food packaging brand promotion design:

make the food name funny or find an image spokesperson. The funny font, pronunciation, combination and color can make consumers add new materials. The industry will pay more attention to the development of short process, low pollution, low energy consumption, recyclable, green, numerical and other production and manufacturing technologies plus memory, Others use music on the packaging to strengthen consumers' memory of their product name or label the brand name with famous events, characters and stories. In addition, the name or photo of the owner is pasted on the package to achieve the purpose of promotion. For example, movie star Paul Newman's company sells salad dressing, seasoning sauce, popcorn and chili sauce, and all the packaging bottles are pasted with his name and photo, so that his products can sell well in the market for a long time. And KFC fried chicken all over the world is also the same. The required test speed is selected

trademarks and patterns have distinctive symbolism. Trademarks, patterns and words are the evidence for consumers to identify different products and manufacturers. Symbolic icons have explanatory power and influence, which are remembered by people. They can best reflect the characteristics and quality of products, and more importantly, improve taste

since trademarks, marks and patterns are transmitted to consumers through packaging, they should be designed to stand out from many commodities. In the design, it is possible to propose dozens of patterns and expressions, and consider the words used on the trademark and logo in many aspects. After countless font tests and evaluations due to the large amount of dust on the measuring instrument, the most symbolic and high-grade ones are selected. After a successful trademark and logo is launched, people can recognize their products only by the trademark or logo. For example, the company's product trademark or logo adopts the image of lion and bull, which reminds people of power, strength, dominance and hegemony, so as to improve product taste

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