The hottest food labels cannot be creative at will

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Food labels can't be "creative"

a mineral water called alkaqua under the unified banner is very characteristic. It's not that the water itself is a little strange, but that its packaging is very different. Unlike most mineral water products, which are labeled with rich content and clear information, she said that in addition to a color bar printed with the words of 570ml net content of alkaqua's high-quality drinking natural mineral water, It is hard to find other labels that show important information such as manufacturer, address, production date, ingredients, etc

of course, hard to find does not mean No. Attentive consumers pay attention to the band aid like white sticker near the bottom of the bottle, and they will guess that the secret must be here. Although there is no love or hate for no reason in the world, and a band aid will not be pasted on a bottle of mineral water for no reason, it is true that you guessed the secret hidden in the white bar, but you may not guess what the secret is unless you are smart enough to think of the back of the white bar, or inadvertently see the back of the white bar. Well, this is the otherness of alkaqua mineral water: when there is water in the bottle (note that there must be enough water, and it won't work if you drink it up), under the condition of not shaking and facing the light, with the convex lens amplification effect made of the cylindrical bottle, you can see the text information required by the state printed on the back of the white strip

alkaqua mineral water explained that the appearance of this product reflects an advanced design concept, and the hidden label is intended to arouse people's curiosity. The research personnel who stop the research and development and testing of cutting-edge data have developed their own detection instruments, which has become a regular way of data science discussion, thus producing selling points and achieving the purpose of driving marketing. The idea is good, but the problem is that this alternative approach will produce alternative effects: on the one hand, consumers who shoulder an important mission on the road to creating a better future have to look too hard through a magnifying glass to understand product information, which will make many consumers think that businesses are deliberately embarrassing and leave a bad impression (in fact, some consumers have complained about this for a long time); On the other hand, some consumers may not necessarily look at the Games in which businesses hide labels. They may seriously think that businesses hide something. If you want to arouse people's curiosity, why not hide your trademark

of course, the biggest problem is that this practice may conflict with national requirements. Although the current national regulations and standards on product labels, such as the product quality law, the food safety law and the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, the national standard for food safety, do not specify the specific location and form of printing and writing of the label text, the writing is clear, obvious, easy to identify, and it is not allowed to mislead consumers by using font size or color difference. It has been clear that the label should be easy to find, easy to see This principle is easy to understand. In other words, the content of alkaqua mineral water label may not be illegal, but the form must be problematic. After all, the national regulations and standards related to product labels are very serious and cannot be arbitrary or creative

in fact, there are still many enterprise products that are creative and playful on the label. Only alkaqua mineral water has more than one hide and seek with consumers on the label. For example, there is a spiced beef slice product called tianwo beef. The label on the back of the packaging bag is a piece of blurred translucent yellow characters, manufacturer information, ingredient list, etc., which are difficult to see. But the Yellow characters of others are creative: you can only look at them sideways to see what they are writing. Although merchants only do this for the convenience of consumers to see the food in the package, and do not mean to create selling points, this transparency and the other concealment, the actual negative effects are quite consistent

whether creative or intentional, it is a minimum requirement not to touch the bottom line of legal standards on the issue of labels. Of course, it is unrealistic to require all manufacturers with the purpose of pursuing profits to consider consumers from the perspective of moral self-discipline. Only 9. The charging voltage of the hand-held spectrometer battery is 220V, which is legally binding on businesses and the choice of consumers. For consumers, rational choice can only be based on accurate information, and the first direct source of this accurate information is the label printed on the commodity package by the merchant. Therefore, the rationality of consumers and the humanity of businesses should be based on the improvement of the relevant laws and regulations system, and achieved through the strict law enforcement of the market supervision department

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