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Food Packaging Association: foaming tableware has poor heat resistance and hidden dangers in production quality

China Plastics Association and the International Food Packaging Association exchanged views on the quality and safety of tableware

Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that although we have always been studying materials and some material technology problems, the impact testing machine of materials and the detection of foamed tableware under low temperature are not completely safe, especially when containing oily food or heating in a microwave oven, the unpolymerized styrene monomer will accompany the food to face academic, emotional Many considerations such as career choice have further increased brand awareness, resulting in human poisoning. There have been reports of poisoning caused by female workers using microwave ovens to heat meals in foaming lunch boxes in Shanghai. In addition, the heat resistance of foamed tableware is poor, and deformation will occur above 70 ℃. Holding hot meals may cause hot-melt polystyrene plastic to be eaten into the stomach together with food

Dong Jinshi said that at present, there are more than 100 enterprises producing disposable foaming tableware in China. Due to fierce competition and the absence of relevant national standards, the vast majority of enterprises use purchased waste from unknown sources and recycled materials processed by enterprises themselves for production. Moreover, in order to cover up the impurities of waste plastics, some enterprises add toxic and harmful fluorescent brighteners, which has serious potential safety hazards in product quality

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