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The future of the food machinery industry is in urgent need of a large number of technical talents

the development of the food machinery industry in recent years B. sample data: provide users with the data of all samples set quickly. With the progress of science and technology, a variety of new products have appeared in the industry, but due to the factors of social stereotypes, products made in China have always been synonymous with inferior products in people's hearts. In terms of function, according to national standards, wood-based panel experimental machines have multi-functional experimental uses. There is no lack of the rising demand in China and the opportunistic tactics of small enterprises, which has led to the decline of the reputation of our products. In China, about 99% of enterprises have not applied for patents, 60% of enterprises do not have their own trademarks, and enterprises with independent intellectual property rights account for only three tenths of the total number of enterprises

it is understood that at present, China is most in need of technical talents. Compared with western countries, although some universities are named technical universities or technical colleges, they are not necessarily applied universities that pay attention to cultivating technological innovation ability. For example, the University of science and technology of China is a research university. The higher education in western developed countries has formed an independent technology training system. For example, the number of Applied Technology Universities in Germany has reached 247, with 703000 registered students, accounting for about one third of the total number of students in German universities. With such strong competitiveness, China's development urgently needs entrepreneurs to invest in the application technology industry

if China's food machinery industry wants to keep pace with globalization, and these precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5, it should strengthen investment in the education industry, cultivate more technical talents for the country and society, and make it a solid backing for the development of the industry. When cultivating technical talents, we should not only pay attention to academic and technology, but also look internationally to cultivate more international talents, so that they can quickly absorb more updated advanced technology and make more contributions to China's food machinery industry

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