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Taiwan food machinery and technology exhibition was held in June.

"building glass launches more new measures of mutually beneficial cooperation that meet the development needs of China and Africa." Taipei International Food machinery and technology exhibition will be held at Taipei World Trade Center from June 19 to 23 this year. The organizers expect that the transformation of the food industry will drive the industry to increase demand for food machinery

the exhibition is co sponsored by Taiwan foreign trade association and Taiwan food and pharmaceutical machinery industry association. The exhibition items include food and beverage processing machinery, catering equipment, health food pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, food (drug) packaging machinery, etc. In addition, due to the rise of biotechnology pharmaceutical industry, a special area for pharmaceutical machinery will be set up at the venue to facilitate exchanges between buyers and pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers

the conference expects that with the gradual recovery of the international economy and China's accession to the WTO, the food industry will follow the international pace of transformation, and the demand for food machinery will increase significantly

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