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A tidy home brings people not only relaxed and comfortable, but also changes in space, which makes people naturally want to be close


the more slovenly a person is, the worse his luck will be; The more energetic a person is, the better his luck is. Home is the same. Messy and untidy home will affect the flow of Qi, and a bad home Aura will naturally not bring good luck

storage is the simplest and fastest way to change the atmosphere of home

a tidy home brings people not only relaxed and comfortable, but also changes in space, which makes people naturally want to be close

then, how can we achieve better storage

1. Make good use of combined cabinets

multiple cabinets are combined into one, with rich functions, which can better store items at home. Even if there are many things, it will not appear crowded and messy

for example, the tatami wardrobe combination saves the cost of buying another bed:

tatami bookcase combination, study bedroom dual-use:

dining wine cabinet combination, elegant and practical:

wine cabinet bar combination, petty bourgeoisie and temperament:

wardrobe dresser combination, function upgrading also saves space:

2, hidden furniture

when space is limited, you can choose to hide furniture, such as invisible bed:

invisible bed, Embedded bookcase design, beautiful and generous; When not in use, turn it up and form a whole with the bookcase to realize hidden storage, which can increase the utilization of space and avoid overcrowding of space

3. Furniture design is divided into three parts and seven parts

when choosing furniture, many people often cannot decide the proportion of hidden storage and display storage. In fact, as long as the principle of three parts and seven parts is observed, the space can have both visual focus and breathing space

for example, most of the TV cabinets in the living room use flat panel swing doors (hidden), leaving only two glass swing doors (exposed), which will appear very neat and atmospheric

if you don't use glass doors, you can also choose the open lattice layer as the "dew" to display items:

4. The chicken rib space is a customized cabinet

the chicken rib space is either covered with dust and discarded, or it is often messy; Either the size of the cabinet is not suitable, or the color is not good-looking. Stanley home in the United States customizes a suitable storage cabinet for you, with sizes and colors for you to choose:

the corner of the stairs is used as the storage cabinet, and the whole space is instantly clean:

the inner side of the bay window is used as the filing cabinet, and the storage of books is transformed into a reading corner:

the corner of the balcony is used as the balcony cabinet, and the washing machine and washing utensils are installed in their respective places, which will no longer be messy:

5. Use the storage box appropriately

for scattered small things that are not easy to store, You can use the storage box/storage box to store it, and then put it in the cabinet, which can save unnecessary space waste

6. The top cabinet stores out of season items

for out of season clothes or infrequently used items, we can store them on the top of the wardrobe, so when choosing the wardrobe, it is recommended to make a door covering cabinet on the top of the wardrobe, which not only makes full use of the top space of the wardrobe, but also solves the problem that it is difficult to clean the ash on the top of the wardrobe:

7. Upright storage

, It can store objects with high frequency of use at a glance, and it is convenient to find, take and return items at any time. Compared with horizontal stacking, vertical storage will not affect each other and cause clutter when taking items. Folding clothes in books, plates, drawers, even quilts and bags are suitable for upright storage

8. Store by color

store by color, easy to find, good-looking and neat. When arranging, the color changes from light to dark, or the same color is placed in the same box, which can let you quickly find the items you want

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