Longmen Fu of King Yama in prosperous times

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Dragon, the totem of China

the dragon has no reality. It is born in the mind and exists in the heart of the people. Its shape integrates nine things. Its head is like a Qianniu, its body is like a buck, its mouth is like a giant crocodile, with the eyes of a tiger, the mane of a lion, the claws of a goshawk, the belly of a forest python, the scales of a koi wrapped in it, and the tail of a colorful Phoenix swaying in the wind. Often sneak into the sea, generate clouds and drive fog, soar into the air, sing and roar, move mountains and rivers, cry ghosts and gods, eliminate demons, drive away evil, omen peace in the world, harvest grain, and clarify the jade universe

it is said that the Dragon originated from Pangu and opened the sky. Four kings and nine sons ruled the world. Within the four seas, the territory of nine continents, and the descendants of numerous dragons, they regard dragons as gods, worship them, multiply, and pass on from generation to generation. They have become a 5000 year brilliant civilization and stand proudly in the East

however, I don't know when it began. The dragon of the people was specialized by the emperor. In the past dynasties, the emperor was confused, pretended to be the power of the dragon, bullied the world, stole people, and wiped out the lives of the people. Finally, the national fortune declined, and the Dragon sank into the shoal and was bullied by fish and shrimp

great dragon! Adhering to the spirit of the dragon and constantly striving for self-improvement, how can the Dragon kingdom be trapped in water and fire. Modern sages, strong and fierce, fought one after another. Although they sacrificed bravely, they finally overthrew the monarchy, realized the Republic, drove away the great powers, and established a new deal. There is also Xiao Long, Deng Xiaoping, who capitalizes on life, ups and downs, three ups and downs, indomitable, open up and close, bring order out of chaos, reform and opening up, and revitalize China. It is called the true dragon

in the prosperous times, the dragon's gate comes out. In 2012, the year of dragon in Renchen, Amazon colleagues do not learn from Ye Gong for fame, but rather become descendants of the dragon. Thanksgiving body at the right time, in order to promote the dragon culture, inherit the Dragon civilization, with a sense of awe, set ingenuity in work, select good wood and carve, and build the prosperous dragon gate of the king of Yama. It integrates hundreds of dragons in one, and accepts thousands of blessings in one door. The dragon shape is lifelike, the Dragon God is bright, the Dragon gas is magnificent, the dragon power is vast, tall, heavy and calm, and the auspicious gas is condensed. Everyone who sees it is amazed. Those who own a mansion must install it at home to protect the mansion, while those who do not have a mansion are content to keep their dreams

beautiful, prosperous dragon's gate

Ouyang huwen, chairman of Amazon group




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