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House prices are getting higher and higher

mother-in-law's requirements are also getting higher and higher

not only have a house, but also:

beautiful! Spacious! Comfortable

how can the house be so small and spacious


it really stumped my son-in-law

don't worry, little brother 9 will show you the maze

let's take a look at a picture first, the magical "visual magic"

in contrast, does the first vertical line look longer? Because it gives people a sense of extension, and the second one gives people a sense of oppression, which is the magic of spatial vision

similarly, housing design can also use this principle. By using this visual illusion, people can create a feeling that the house is getting bigger and give residents a better experience

now let's get to the point. How can small houses be "bigger"? There are four methods:


customized top or wall type wardrobe

for a small room, the customized top wardrobe is visually better than the finished wardrobe bought back; Similarly, the curtain on the ground is better than half

(source network of the figure)

finished wardrobe


90 degree customized wardrobe


light is very important

the most important part in determining the size of a house is light. So if you want the house to look big:

first, it will be much better to use light colored furniture and ceiling, floor and wall materials

second, the key to making the house bigger is to try to blur the boundary of the ceiling, floor and wall, so it will appear larger

third, lowering the light or matching with a low table can also play a role in extending the space


install large floor windows or mirrors

generally speaking, mirrors and windows are the best places to extend the size of the space


avoid chaos by all means

the skill to make the space appear large is to avoid chaos

first, you should hide everything that can be hidden, such as the storage cabinet

second, don't mix colors and avoid visual confusion

▲ a room design with super storage function at 90 degrees, no matter how many things are

after learning so many ways to expand space

are you eager to try

in fact, there are many home decoration skills that can make the house bigger,

to 90 degrees, make your home bigger

make your mother-in-law look at you with admiration




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