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Latex paint has become a new favorite of decoration companies. After a long time, writers will find that more and more decoration companies will use emulsion paint as the material to whitewash the wall in the design and decoration. Wallpaper, once popular with people, is not so popular. From a professional point of view and market reflection, latex paint has a higher cost performance

wallpaper has fallen in the market.

a few years ago, wallpaper was a popular home decoration material in home decoration. Because his design is more intuitive and attractive, the decorated room also looks more artistic. Later, people gradually found some defects in wallpaper. Normal wallpaper itself is free from pollution. The glue used to stick wallpaper often emits an irritating smell, which is harmful to the body and will not disappear in a short time, which will lead to people eager to move their new house giving up choosing wallpaper. People who decorated and pasted wallpaper in previous years will find that after a long time of lighting or smoking, light colored wallpaper will turn yellow and dark colored wallpaper will turn pale. The process of pasting wallpaper is troublesome. In fact, the procedure is not very troublesome, that is, the technical requirements are high. When pasting, the posts are inadvertently skewed and overlapped, and the whole wallpaper is wasted. In serious cases, the chemical reaction between alkaline substances in the wall ash and the wallpaper is a yellow package on the surface. In this case, the wall needs to be eradicated and rebuilt, which is not only troublesome but also a great waste

more and more home decoration companies prefer to use latex paint

in decoration, home decoration companies like to use latex paint more and more. First of all, from the perspective of health and environmental protection, in the decoration, the owners ask the decoration company to involve more and more health and environmental protection. Emulsion coating uses water as the dispersion medium, so as to avoid personal injury and environmental pollution caused by the volatilization of toxic gases of organic solvents in coating construction. In consideration of safety, emulsion paint also fundamentally eliminates the risk of fire

followed by construction, The professional master of on-site construction told us: "The construction method of emulsion paint is simple, which can be brushed, rolled and sprayed. The construction tools can be cleaned with water, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, there will be no discharge of organic solvents and reduce environmental pollution. After the construction of emulsion paint, the water volatilizes quickly and turns into a film. Under the good construction environmental conditions, the construction can be painted multiple times a day, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves the construction cost of the owner". "According to the special film-forming mechanism of latex paint, its excellent air permeability can prevent the film from foaming and falling off when the external temperature of the film varies greatly", The designer also told us that "latex paint also has its advantages in color. If you need rooms with a variety of colors, you can also mix it at will. Latex paint used for exterior walls is mostly configured with acrylic polymer latex, styrene acrylic latex or silicone acrylic latex as the base material, which has particularly good light and color retention. Generally, houses need to live for a long time, which saves the cost of house maintenance and decoration in the later stage." There is another advantage of wall paint, which was discovered by the owner. A woman of said to us, "I hesitated whether to use wallpaper or wall paint. After entanglement, I chose wall paint. Later, the furniture I bought was not a complete set. Considering the overall harmony of the room, I bought wood paint and metal paint of the same color as wall paint and sprayed them on the furniture, which made me feel special."

based on his working experience in home decoration network and his specific understanding, Xiaobian summarized that latex paint is relatively easy to scrub, easy to deploy, more durable, convenient for construction, environmental protection and safety, and has naturally become the "wall darling" of decoration companies





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