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With the deterioration of the environment brought about by the greenhouse effect, which brings the trend of hot and extremely cold temperatures in the north and south poles, from the high temperature in the middle of the previous year to the end of the year, the once-in-a-century snow in most parts of Guangdong, and the cold current that continues to this day, facing the upcoming extreme heat, it is chilling, and more and more people pay attention to the heat insulation of doors and windows

doors and windows are at the periphery of the building. As the primary enclosure structure of the building, the wind and rain protection, heat insulation and sound insulation, lighting and ventilation of doors and windows play a primary role in everyone's work and living environment. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have been loved by everyone for their good function, light weight, beauty, good lighting, durability, easy recovery and high reuse rate of profiles, and no environmental pollution. However, its poor heat insulation function is attributed to the regret of aluminum alloy doors and windows

therefore, in the future, aluminum alloy doors and windows need to improve their heat insulation and energy-saving functions, and the first thing to solve is technical questions. Improve the structural planning, improve the functions and levels of existing doors and windows, complete the diversified system planning, and change the low-level search of saving labor, materials and low quotation

aluminum alloy doors and windows should improve the heat insulation. First of all, the frame material should have good strength, good heat insulation function, easy to make various shapes, easy to recover and conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum alloy window frames should be made into broken bridges or composite ones to improve their heat insulation function. Secondly, insulating glass should be used for glass. Low-E (low radiation) insulating glass should be used in the north, while solar radiant heat is mainly used in the south, and solar coated glass should be used. In developed countries, single glass and white glass that are not conducive to energy conservation and improving the living environment are not used at all. The final insulating glass shall be made of double seal and polysulfide insulating glass adhesive, and the insulating glass distance strip shall be connected with the curved structure. The four corner plug-in type must be sealed with butyl rubber at the joint





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