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On February 11th, 2017, during the Lantern Festival, general manager Chen Yiming and deputy general manager Chen Liqing of Molike, together with representatives of the headquarters staff, entered the nursing home in Zhangcha street, Foshan City to send holiday greetings and condolences to the elderly there

▲ "Molike with you, deep respect for the elderly" activity site

February 11, 2017

Chinese traditional Lantern Festival

General Manager Chen Yiming and deputy general manager Chen Liqing of Molike curtain walked into the nursing home in Zhangcha Street, Foshan with representatives of headquarters staff to send holiday greetings and condolences to the elderly there

▲ general manager Chen Yiming sends gifts to the elderly

▲ deputy general manager Chen Liqing sends food to the elderly

for this public welfare activity, the headquarters staff specially prepared happy songs and dances and played close games with the elderly at the activity. The scene was filled with laughter

▲ the logistics department presented the dance "flower of Balabala cherry"

▲ the activity site was filled with a happy atmosphere

▲ volunteers and the elderly interactive hot dance "little apple"

▲ interactive game link, an old man raised his hand to answer

fruits, biscuits, milk and other food, washbasin, water cup and other living utensils, and Molike volunteers sent them to each old man's dormitory one by one

▲ general manager Chen Yiming led volunteers to send materials to the elderly

▲ senior executives also set an example and stepped into the front line of public welfare

▲ while giving gifts, chatting, caring deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

in addition, they also sent rice, oil and other materials to the nursing home

▼ volunteers prepare food and daily necessities for the elderly.

curtain products are the main products of Molike. The pre Festival measuring ruler and rush customization are all to dress up the nursing home on the Lantern Festival and send good mood to the elderly

▲ before the Lantern Festival, Molike installed curtains for the nursing home

▲ the newly decorated nursing home showed deep warmth

▲ the high-end jacquard curtain added a warmth to the space

when President Chen personally delivered the first batch of condolence materials worth more than 38000 yuan to President Chen shunjiao, the old people present were very moved, and they sent a golden flag to Molike to express their thanks and blessings

when molyk volunteers left the nursing home, everyone was mixed with feelings. There are helplessness over the passage of time, sighs about their unfilial relatives, worries about getting old before getting rich, and sympathy for the inability of young people to provide for the elderly...

caring for the elderly is not a show, but a distraction. What do you and I see from the nursing home? What do molyk volunteers want to share with us? Please pay attention to Molike official wechat to understand the real life of the elderly. I will grow old not only because of filial piety, but also because of you

public welfare activities have a time limit, but the thinking behind public welfare is profound. Under the leadership of enterprises, more and more people will participate in public welfare, which will have a far-reaching contribution and impact on society





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