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From July 8 to July 11, 2018, the three-and-a-half day Guangzhou Construction Expo was successfully concluded. During the exhibition, the signing continued and the atmosphere was warm

from July 8 to July 11, 2018, the three-and-a-half day Guangzhou architecture Expo was successfully concluded. During the exhibition, Mr. Zheng Jianchu, chairman of Shidan building materials, accepted the interview invitation of and gave detailed answers to the product advantages, terminal experience, design style, investment policies and investment requirements of Shidan ceiling

Zhang Zhifeng, the marketing director of Shi Dan ceiling, was interviewed by the home hotline to support the new idea of top wall integration + high-end customization in the industry. Shi Dan ceiling led SMC wall panels and UV customized walls and UV printing art kitchen and bathroom ceilings launched this year, and continued to move forward. The next step is to inject vitality into the industry

[the exhibition hall pays attention to the use of space to create a sense of home]

in this exhibition, Shi Dan ceiling appeared with a more atmospheric brand image, more skilled market experience, a more comprehensive product system and a more perfect home decoration effect

in the design of the exhibition hall, the unique shape combines the modern fashion trend. The whole exhibition hall of Shi Dan ceiling is mainly colored by the color of industrial gray, which has a very postmodern concept. It is built in the form of "home", which reflects the concept of customized home design of the whole house and gives the audience a feeling of home

[Shidan exhibition hall of 2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo (1)]

the interior of the exhibition hall pays great attention to space utilization, and creates a space atmosphere through color, lighting, soft decoration and other elements, setting off the design theme of top wall integration and whole decoration customization, which brightens the eyes of visitors

[exhibition hall of Shidan in 2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo (2)]

SMC aviation composite materials have pushed the brand to a higher level

in 2018, Shidan ceiling launched three series of overall space products, which meet the needs of three whole house decoration styles: Chinese style, European style and simple style, and realize the requirements of integrating the material and color from the top to the wall and integrating the scheme design. In this exhibition, Shi Dan ceiling continues to uphold the concept of bringing forth the new through the old and strive to bring good visual experience to customers

[Shidan exhibition hall (3) of 2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo]

focus on building a model market, and truly realize the "zero" risk alliance

in 2018, Shidan ceiling has made great adjustments to the research and development of new products, the upgrading of production equipment and production environment, and the improvement of sales team and after-sales service, and has spent tens of millions to build and upgrade brands. From the dynamic publicity of CCTV and video websites, and the static publicity of current affairs magazines, search engines, and media websites, Shi Dan ceiling has used major platforms to carry out all-round and multi angle brand communication, achieving the "bright life" of the brand

during the exhibition, Shi Dan ceiling brought unprecedented preferential joining policies, which truly realized "zero" risk joining and millions of returns. In the future, Shidan ceiling will focus on the performance assistance of terminal dealers and the development of the national sales market

[signed partners during the exhibition]

such a powerful integrated ceiling enterprise naturally attracts the attention of a large number of investors. During this exhibition, Shi Dan's products attracted many franchisees, and the signing of contracts was considerable. The on-site bride price ceremony and applause continued, and the atmosphere was warm. Here, welcome to join the family of Shi Dan ceiling and create more wealth hand in hand




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