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In the 2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo, Yishang home "cloud home 2.0 era" shocked the Guangzhou Construction Expo, detonating the customized home exhibition hall

2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo came to a successful conclusion! During the four-day exhibition, more than 2200 enterprises from home and abroad gathered together to shine. At the Construction Expo of "barometer" and "weathervane" in the home building materials industry, customized home has become the development trend of the building materials industry and continues to expand the "site". This exhibition "cloud home 2.0 era" of Yishang home shocked Guangzhou Construction Expo and detonated the customized home exhibition hall. At this exhibition, Yishang brand has been upgraded from exhibition hall design to new product design, platform technology, brand offensive to investment promotion policy, and interprets the new customized home mode and concept as an industry leader. In a few days, Yishang home has achieved fruitful results

"cloud home 2.0 era" shock strikes

the current market is no longer short of products. What is missing is a unique innovation and experience that can bring consumers, and of course, the novelty and uniqueness of products. This is the strong foundation for a brand to quickly occupy the market. The emergence of Yishang cloud home brings new vitality and explosive force to the market, as well as perfect customized home system solutions. As soon as the exhibition opened, merchants from all over the country flocked to the exhibition hall, and there were shoulder to shoulder friction in the exhibition hall. It makes Yishang exhibition hall the most popular star of this exhibition

innovative marketing wins terminal ・ house type marketing

"cloud home 2.0 era" has been upgraded from the original single "wardrobe combination" to "whole group of cabinets". Through the new design solution of house type design, the original 3-minute design of wardrobe and 3-minute group of cabinets have been completed in 3 minutes now! Let the store terminal get the most efficient solution when designing the "whole house home" solution

cloud rendering ・ three party chain

the latest cloud rendering technology developed by Yishang home furnishing Co., Ltd. made a wonderful debut in the exhibition. The real-time high-definition rendering on the exhibition site showed the 3D effect pictures of home furnishing for the participating customers in an all-round way, and communicated the design scheme at any time through the mode experience of multi-party links! Breaking the traditional customization method! Let the customized scheme be in front of you at any time! Exhibitors were all moved by it and praised cloud rendering technology one after another

Yishang exhibition hall continues its consistent design style of scientific and technological modernization, and its overall appearance is fashionable and avant-garde, full of scientific and technological models, which echoes with the design of the digital experience area in the museum. The design team introduced top domestic product designers to design and develop two new series of "low-key taste, Norwegian Black Forest"! The use of environmentally friendly plates, combined with oriental aesthetic ideas, creates a warm and elegant feeling. Compared with previous exhibitions, the product display is also richer

the cloud home platform focused on the whole exhibition hall, which caused strong repercussions in the industry. The investment attraction on the exhibition site also showed a hot scene, and an endless stream of people came to consult and join. The reception work of the investment promotion group has been carried out in an orderly manner under the careful preparation and comprehensive promotion of all the staff of the company. So far, the investment promotion reception group has received hundreds of intention consultations, signed dozens of contracts on site, and more interested customers are still in follow-up negotiations! The investment attraction work has achieved great success! Many franchisees choose to join hands with Yishang and move forward hand in hand, believing that the future will be more expanding

Yishang household adheres to innovation, and has been unanimously recognized by consumers with its industry-leading design and production technology, high-quality products and high-quality services. It won the "most innovative brand" during this exhibition, which benefits from Yishang's pursuit of quality and innovation, as well as consumers' recognition and love for Yishang's products and services

the beauty behind the gorgeous blooming of Yishang home in this exhibition is due to a group of persistent Yishang people who sweat for the perfect blooming of the exhibition hall before the exhibition! All night, with full enthusiasm, stick to the front line, carefully control every detail, and strive to present the most perfect! During the exhibition, they received every visitor with professional knowledge and warm attitude, and provided them with the best service

the Construction Expo came to a perfect end. The successful holding of this exhibition has established the position of innovation leader in Yishang customization industry. In the future, Yishang home will continue to adjust and improve its industrial structure driven by innovative technology. Realize the digitalization and networking of customized home, create a leading brand of Internet customized home, strive to create a comfortable and healthy home living environment for consumers across the country, and lead the future of the customization industry





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