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Russia international printing equipment and technology exhibition opened grandly in the snow

at 10 a.m. local time on October 16, 2007, the 21st Russia ① international printing equipment and technology exhibition, CO sponsored by MVK holding company and the international printing and Publishing Association (map), marking the dial indicator in the center of the clamp seat, was grandly opened in Moscow crocus Expo Exhibition Center, Russia. As one of the most influential exhibitions in Eastern Europe, the exhibition attracted printing and related industries from all over the world; 348 exhibitors from 27 countries, with an exhibition area of about 45000 square meters, are divided into four pavilions, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 40000

polygraphinter's influence and strength are second to none in the printing industry in Eastern Europe. It has been 38 years since its predecessor, inpolygraphmash, was held. The first exhibition was held in Slovenia in 1969. With the addition of new functions, it has become an important design driving factor for household appliances. After years of development, the scale of the exhibition has been expanding. In 2000, the exhibition was certified by UFI and became an international and comprehensive exhibition, In 2004, the organizer decided to change the venue to Russia in order to further improve its influence in Eastern Europe and the world. The first exhibition after the change of venue was held in 2005, which was a great success. Professional visitors accounted for 97% of the exhibition visitors, and 90% of the exhibitors said they would continue to support the exhibition

in 2007, polygraphinter joined packcarton2007 and papexpo2007. As a part of polygraphinter exhibition, their participation greatly enriched the content of the packaging field of the exhibition, especially the introduction of paper packaging industry, corrugated paper and other packaging materials. In the same period of the exhibition, there will also be many press conferences, product spring press conferences and technical seminars after production

polygraphinter exhibition organizers believe that this exhibition is an effective platform for the exchange of global printing practitioners and a rare opportunity to understand the development of Russian printing industry

well known enterprises participating in polygraphinter-2007 include Heidelberg, gaobao, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Intraco, yam international, h.g.s., Nissan, variant, apostrophe print, Oriental, sigloh, etc

Speedmaster sm+l Anicolor will be displayed in Heidelberg this time. This new machine will save 40% of the time for changing the version and reduce 90% of the waste paper rate. The speed reaches 15000 pieces/hour. Gaobao (Russia) will also exhibit a new six color offset press. In addition, animar, vmg and Xerox will also bring their latest products

with the further development and improvement of China's printing industry, representatives from leading Chinese printing industry actively participated in the exhibition, such as Huaguang Seiko, China Eastern Airlines and other domestic well-known enterprises. In order to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between China and Russia's printing industry, the exhibition organizers will hold a special day of China to better introduce the development of China's printing industry. It is making efforts and exploration to open up European and even international markets

the exhibition will last for five days, and more than 40000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition. Moscow welcomed the first snow of this winter yesterday. The snow covered Moscow reflects the traditional and shocking Russian style. This grand event of the Russian printing industry reflects the strong momentum of the vigorous development of the printing industry, just like the first snow, which has brought endless surprises to friends from the global printing industry

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