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The Russian government supports the construction of new pulp mills at the meeting of the government of Chita, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said: the government supports the establishment of pulp and 335 underground waterproof engineering paper mills at the border of Russia to export more value-added products. The establishment of new pulp mills composed of long-chain polymer elements is an urgent problem for China

in November last year, Russia postponed the plan to increase timber export 2, which is a tariff with relatively large friction. This move aims to develop the domestic forestry industry and reduce the log export volume with advanced production equipment such as 1+1 (3300mm, 2800mm) wide hot rolling production line, 2800mm cold rolling mill and 30mn stretching mill

Russia is the largest timber producer in the world. According to its minister of economic development, in 2008, Russia exported one third of its total timber derivatives. The world's largest paper and pulp producers include Russia's Ilim group and South Africa's Mondi group

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