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China's anti-corrosion coatings with rust have reached the world advanced level

China's anti-corrosion coatings with rust have reached the world advanced level

September 15, 2004

Wuhan University and other units have devoted many years of research to the national Spark Program project - new anti-corrosion coatings with rust. The technology is the first in China and the world leader, and has won the National Certificate of scientific and technological achievements and the gold award of the third China Patent Technology Expo

the product integrates the advantages of mixed paint, epoxy paint, perchloroethylene, polyurethane paint, chlorinated rubber and chlorosulfonated anti-corrosion paint, and its performance is obviously superior to the traditional anti-corrosion paint. "It is an innovation in metal surface treatment process. This anti-corrosion coating has five characteristics: first, it has excellent performance. It can achieve rust removal, anti-corrosion and decoration effects by brushing or spraying 1 ~ 2 times; Second, the anti-corrosion time is long, generally up to 3 years, especially up to 20 years, while the traditional one is only 1 year; Third, the construction is simple, without rust removal and primer, and (3) the relative uncertainty U3 caused by the indication error of the supporting weight of the lever; Painting can reduce labor intensity; Fourth, cost saving, saving nearly 10000 yuan per ton of coating; According to the relevant person in charge of Minhou County Economic and Information Bureau, the construction efficiency can be improved by more than twice. This kind of coating is not only effective in underwater corrosion protection of ship hull, but also reduces the cost of anti-corrosion materials by one third, reduces the number of construction personnel by half, and improves the work efficiency by two times

it is reported that this new type of rusty anti-corrosion coating has been applied in national key projects with its high-tech content. It is used for the anti-corrosion of the permanent ship lock of the Three Gorges project, Nanhai drilling platform 20 and some Dongfeng Automobile axles

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