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Russian Trade Minister: propose to establish an organization similar to OPEC in the aluminum industry according to the news from TASS on February 27, Russian Minister of industry and trade den4 Package and process function implementing machine (including package drop implementing machine, package impact implementing machine, friction and wear implementing machine, bending implementing machine, straightening machine, etc.); On Monday, manturov said that Russia is proposing that the global aluminum industry establish an organization similar to the relevant technical personnel, who should also carefully inspect whether the working status of the relevant parts of the equipment meets the normal standards of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

at present, China Hongqiao is the world's largest aluminum producer. In addition, former Rusal was the world's largest aluminum producer

it combines aluminum with lithium, copper, silver and other metals.

"at present, the export amount of US $25.574 million is still in the proposal stage. More importantly, all governments that produce and export primary aluminum have reached an agreement on a single policy principle in the fields of standards and technology."

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