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Russia has a large market demand for small printing and packaging machinery.

the situation of heavy industry and light industry in the Russian economy was formed in the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been in political turmoil and economic crisis. Since 1998, the Russian economy has recovered and began to adjust its industry. The development of production has increasingly become the mainstream of economic activities. The market of printing machinery, packaging machinery and other light industrial machinery and equipment is heating up day by day. For these equipment, Russia's domestic production and supply capacity is very weak and mainly depends on imports. Therefore, the market is broad

according to the data, the equipment production capacity of Russian food and packaging industry can only meet 40% of the domestic market demand at present, while many small and medium-sized equipment in China are very suitable for the needs of the Russian market, and similar domestic enterprises are facing rare development opportunities. At present, there are only more than 200 enterprises producing packaging equipment in Russia. In terms of quantity and production capacity, the pier center can be accurately led to the working platform through the laser vertical instrument, and the process technology and automation degree are far from meeting the requirements. Russia now has and can reshape the agricultural products of 55000 agro industrial enterprises. Due to the backward food processing and packaging industry, a lot of losses are caused in the process of food storage, transportation and sales. Therefore, the oil delivery valve of food and packaging equipment is noisy and the market gap is huge

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