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Russia has raised its requirements for food packaging

Russia has developed the most favorable market for consumer goods industry in order to trigger an emergency market for plastics. The Russian Federation is the most populous country in Europe, with a population of about 143million. Therefore, it is the most important sales market for products in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The number of the middle class is growing, the degree of prosperity is rising, and the way of consumption and shopping is also changing. People are more and more interested in modern new processed and packaged foods and beverages

although the Russian food industry is growing, it is still the largest importer of meat, dairy products and fruits. In order to enhance the self-sufficiency of these industries and ensure the quality of Western products, people pay more and more attention to food processing machinery, packaging technology and packaging design. Packaging and processing technologies play an important role in sanitation, storage or design. Suppliers of these machines benefit from development

Russia is the most important market for German machinery manufacturers in Eastern Europe. For products requiring high-quality processing, Russian buyers attach great importance to German made brands. Vera fritsche, food processing and Packaging Machinery Association of VDMA branch of German Engineering Association, believes that the Russian market has always had great potential: Germany is the main supplier of Russian food machinery and packaging machinery, accounting for 34% of the total import volume

the plastics industry is an industry that particularly benefits from the economic development of Russia. The improvement of some important sales industries has boosted the demand for machinery, raw materials, industrial components and semi-finished products. The packaging industry still plays an important role, and the construction industry is also developing rapidly. This is mainly because the Russian pressure vessel fatigue testing machine is a kind of equipment. Its production and production meet the extensive innovation and modernization activities of gb/t 9252, which require thermal insulation materials, pipes and window frames; The automobile industry is under great pressure, and its development is also very dynamic. Experts predict that the per capita plastic consumption will increase by about 10 kg in the next four years (from about 39 kg in 2012 to about 50 kg in 2016)

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