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Japanese chemical company raised PE price by 17%

the artificial resin in Japan now stands at the highest level since 1983, when the market was reforming after the end of the second energy crisis

Japanese chemical enterprises raised the unit price of polyethylene by yen this month to about 250 yen per kilogram. The price rise was mainly due to the rise in the refining cost of light oil from crude oil

okuraindustrialco, garbage bag manufacturer (4221-jp), shopping bag manufacturer fukusukekogyoco Printing company dainipponprintingco (7912-jp) and other large consumer enterprises also agreed to the price increase. Since 2004, the price of polyethylene has increased for the 12th time, during which the price has risen by about 2 when the low-temperature box exceeds 55 ℃ Five times as much

at the same time, polypropylene, commonly used in candy packaging and clothing storage products, also increased by 18% or about yen per kilogram. Polystyrene, which is commonly found in food containers, increased by% a literature review reported yen per kilogram or after artificial intervertebral disc implantation

this series of price increases will have a wide impact on the manufacturers of related artificial resin products - the annual cost will increase by an additional 220billion yen

the rise in the price of light oil may lead to the second round of price rise of artificial resin; Worried about losing the end product manufacturing industry of consumers, this is of concern

on an annual basis, polyethylene shipments in Japan are 2.55 million tons, while polypropylene and polystyrene are 2.83 million tons and 860000 tons respectively

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