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Mitsubishi, Sumitomo and other Japanese chemical enterprises are accelerating the integration of their business in China

according to the report of Japan chemical industry, in order to expand their business in China and improve the efficiency of business strategic decision-making, some large Japanese chemical enterprises are accelerating their business integration in China and establishing integrated investment management companies with headquarters functions to realize integrated management and risk management

in February this year, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings set up a comprehensive investment company in Beijing, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (Beijing) company, which is fully responsible for the management and backstage support of Mitsubishi Chemical Enterprises in China. At present, Mitsubishi Chemical's business scope in China covers polypropylene blends, engineering plastics, medicine and many other fields, focusing on joint venture bisphenol A and polycarbonate projects, synthetic resin blends, synthetic fiber raw material fine para benzene, and the total exhibition area of this exhibition is 35000 square meters of dicarboxylic acid. According to the company, its future business in China has five key areas, including automotive, information electronics, health care, etc., but at present, the company attaches the most importance to the field of automotive chemicals

Sumitomo chemical integrated China's investment business in July this year, and set up the technology of edge hot oil spray system (HES) and multi section rolling oil spray in Beijing. Sumitomo Chemical Investment (China) Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 2.4 billion yen. The purpose is to effectively provide capital increase, loan and other services for the 24 subsidiaries of enterprises in China, strengthen cooperation with the Chinese government, local enterprises and universities, and undertake the function of developing M & A objects under the background of the rapid expansion of the sales of automotive chemical products, electronic parts, pesticides and other fields. The turnover of Sumitomo chemical China business was 176 billion yen in 2009, which will increase sharply twice in 2010, reaching 318.3 billion yen. Sumitomo chemical's it related chemicals, agricultural chemicals and other special chemicals business in China, like its petrochemical business, has been growing steadily. In the field of basic chemicals, Sumitomo chemical focuses on caprolactam and methyl methacrylate (MMA). In the field of petrochemicals and plastics, Sumitomo chemical is the largest propylene oxide (PO) manufacturer in Asia. The company uses special cargo ships to transport Po products to China, and has established logistics centers in Qingdao, Zhangjiagang and Xiamen to promote Po sales in China. The company also produces and sells polypropylene (PP) blending ingredients for auto parts in China. In the field of it related chemicals, the company established a wholly-owned residential electronic materials technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and produced liquid crystal display (LCD) related components, such as polarizing film and light guide film. Similarly, the company's agrochemical business in China is also growing

according to the latest news, Japan Showa Electric will establish Showa electric (Shanghai) Company in Shanghai in September, which will be fully responsible for the integrated management of Showa Electric's sales and production enterprises in China. At present, Showa's business in China includes semiconductor waste gas treatment equipment, bulk molding compound (BMC), rare earth magnetic alloy, laser printer drum and molten aluminum oxide. Showa electric announced in July that it would increase the annual output of rare earth magnet alloy of its joint venture in China from 3000 tons to 4000 tons. In addition, the company also plans to expand the production capacity of printer parts of Showa electric (Dalian) Company and build a high-purity aluminum foil finishing plant. Showa Electric said it would continue to look for opportunities to expand investment in China

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