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Japanese chip manufacturers gradually resume production

the data processing method of Japanese chip company meets the requirements of gb228 (2) 002 standard. Many factories in the northeast of the country are slowly resuming production. The previous strong earthquake in Japan and the tsunami and power interruption caused by it once forced most factories in this region to stop production

this will also give the extruder industry an endless impetus for development. However, even if the facility damage caused by the earthquake has been repaired, the continuous unstable power supply and material shortage still make these factories unable to be fully put into operation

chip manufacturers usually need to produce around the clock, and because some chip devices are composed of many machines, it usually takes a week to recover once they are shut down. In addition, every time the whole production line is started, all machines must be checked one by one to ensure stable startup

some chip factories temporarily only resume production within the limited power supply range to ensure product stability

Fujitsu said it had restarted one of several chip factories in the earthquake zone in northern Japan. This factory in Miyagi Prefecture is responsible for the later stage of chip production. At present, the restart capacity is very limited, and the main purpose is to complete the products that have finished the early production stage before the earthquake

Renesas electronics has also partially restarted four of the seven factories in the earthquake affected areas. The company is the world's largest manufacturer of chip microcontrollers, whose function is to control electronic operations in cars and consumer devices. A spokesman for Renesas electronics said that the production lines of the four factories have been fully put into operation, but they have not been fully put into operation, partly because of concerns about the unstable power supply

Reza factory, which was most seriously affected by the earthquake, is located in Ibaraki Prefecture. The company has restored the power supply to the factory and is checking all the equipment to better understand the specific situation. The other two plants of Renesas electronics have not been put into operation because local power suppliers control the power output

in Fujitsu, three factories in northern Japan responsible for the early production process of chips have not resumed production. The company said it was unclear when it would resume production. One factory is located in Iwate Prefecture, and the other two are located in Fukushima Prefecture

Toshiba's factory in Iwate Prefecture, which produces microcontrollers and other system chips, was also damaged by the earthquake. Toshiba is an important global supplier of flash memory chips, which are used to store data for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. However, Toshiba's flash memory plant is located in central Japan, so it was not affected by the earthquake. However, Toshiba said that as the earthquake damaged the country's logistics network, it still needs to continue to pay attention to the raw material supply of storage chip factories

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