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Cokeli company of Japan cut polyester output

due to the decline in demand and price, cokeli company of Japan decided to cut the output of its polyester filament production plant using computer winding technology by 35%. At the same time, kelaoli company also reached an agreement with the labor union to improve the product quality at the same time; However, the cooling staff at the hopper was transferred to a polyester filament production plant stripped from the parent company in October

these transferred employees will reduce their wages by an average of 20%, but they will receive a special retirement allowance. At present, the output of polyester filament of the company has fallen from 20000 tons to 13000 tons

Kela Li company is the seventh largest producer of polyester filament for sportswear and women's clothing in Japan. Due to the fierce competition from overseas manufacturers and the influx of imported clothing, kelaoli company suffered serious losses in fiscal year 2000. The company plans to reduce production costs by 1billion yen by cutting wages and reorganizing production plants to regain revenue

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