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Japanese coating resin enterprises are active in investment

characteristics of Japanese coating tree pressure burst testing machine

October 11, 2001

with the successive investment of various coating manufacturers in the waterborne and environmental friendly coating market in Japan, the equipment investment of various coating tree

grease manufacturers also began to have a significant action, In addition to chlorinated polyenes and other chlorinated resins that seem to have succeeded in increasing the production of Japanese paper with a new investment of more than 1billion yen that exceeds but does not recover the corresponding rate, ink chemical industry (DIC) in Japan also began to develop unsaturated polyester resins for wood coatings that do not contain styrene monomer (SM)

in the mechanical testing of metal materials, hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI), which is indispensable for the supply of water-based coatings, hardeners and latex manufacturers also cooperate with VOC Control to expand the sales of this product. Some experts predict that there will be further changes in raw resin and product prediction before the official start of the automobile waterborne coating production line with the target of

in 2005

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