The hottest Japanese businessmen went to Baotou mi

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Japanese businessmen came to Baotou microcrystalline for business investigation

recently, a delegation of 11 representatives of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. in China visited Baotou Jingniu microcrystalline company for business investigation

Baotou Jingniu microcrystalline Co., Ltd. welcomed the arrival of the Panasonic business delegation. The two sides introduced to each other the development of their respective enterprises, their main products and the characteristics of their products based on the principle of friendly cooperation to realize the common development of original innovation and re innovation and the integration of innovation. The two sides expressed their hope to develop together on the basis of mutual growth and finally achieve a win-win result

the business delegation of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan successively observed and sampled various microcrystalline plates polished and not polished, which would produce shorter average fiber length, and visited the exhibition room

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