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AstraZeneca: new drug packaging and OTC drug packaging

in recent years, the business of AstraZeneca, the world's leading pharmaceutical company, in China is growing at a rate far higher than the market average. In the past three years, its annual sales growth has been more than 30%, and it is in a leading position in the sales of prescription drugs. The Chinese market has become one of AstraZeneca's most successful markets in the world. Therefore, China has been listed as an important emerging market by AstraZeneca

in order to support the sustainable development of this emerging market, AstraZeneca recently announced that it would invest an additional US $35million in its supply base in Wuxi in the next five to six years for equipment and plant investment. Bruno anchirisi, executive vice president of global sales and marketing of AstraZeneca, recently presented new challenges to the managers of China's sales line during his visit to China, pointing out that AstraZeneca China's goal is to achieve $500million in two years and $1billion in sales revenue in five years, "to become a leading pharmaceutical company in the Chinese market"

to achieve such a grand strategic goal, in addition to good product support (product portfolio and follow-up products), long-term market strategy and excellent market planning, the selection of drug packaging forms and packaging design are also crucial. New drugs: choose the most "right" packaging

the packaging of drugs is related to the quality, stability, convenience for patients to use drugs and many other aspects. Therefore, we should choose the most "right" packaging

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the packaging form of drugs mainly depends on the dosage form of drugs, and the design and selection of dosage form must first meet the needs of clinical medical treatment and prevention, so as to obtain the best curative effect and the smallest toxic and side effects of drugs. For example, for emergency patients, in order to make the efficacy rapid, injections, suppositories, soups, aerosols and sublingual tablets can generally be used. If the drug action needs to be sustained, slow-release tablets, controlled-release preparations, suspensions, pills, etc. can be considered. When designing drug dosage forms, it is sometimes necessary to consider the strength and duration of the same drug in different dosage forms. For example, nitroglycerin, a drug for the treatment of angina pectoris, has different strength and duration in different dosage forms such as sublingual tablets, oral tablets, ointments and transdermal patches, so as to meet different treatment or prevention requirements. Some drugs can get different therapeutic effects if they choose different dosage forms. For example, the oral solution of magnesium sulfate has catharsis and cholagogic effects, while magnesium sulfate injected intravenously is an anticonvulsant, which is commonly used in pregnancy induced hypertension, lowering blood pressure, treating eclampsia and other diseases. In addition, the selection of drug dosage form also needs to comprehensively consider the factors such as the nature of the drug, the stability of the drug, the bioavailability of the drug in the body, the production conditions for quality control (production equipment, environment, etc.), storage, transportation and administration methods. Once the dosage form of the drug is determined, the corresponding packaging form is basically determined. For example, for injection preparations, bottle packaging or infusion bags are generally selected, but the materials are different. For example, whether the material of the bottle packaging is glass or plastic, in addition to considering the compatibility between the liquid and the packaging materials and the stability of the drug during the storage period, on the premise that the safety and effectiveness of the drug can be fully guaranteed, The production costs of high-performance functional materials and material testing enterprises should also be comprehensively considered. In addition, according to the characteristics of injection preparations in clinical use, if it is emergency medication, we should also consider whether the packaging form of pre filled drug syringes can be used to facilitate clinical use

in recent years, the packaging form used by AstraZeneca for new drugs listed in its advantageous treatment field represents the development trend of the industry to a certain extent

in the field of cardiovascular therapy

for hypertension or angina pectoris drugs, slow-release or controlled-release tablets are mostly used, and the packaging form is mainly aluminum-plastic packaging, so as to reduce the number of medication, stabilize the patient's blood pressure, and facilitate the patient's medication, such as Betaloc ZOK (metoprolol succinate sustained-release tablets), boyidine (felodipine sustained-release tablets), imdo (isosorbide mononitrate sustained-release tablets), gemcitabine (lisinopril tablets), and Atacand (candesartan tablets) and other new drugs "Keding" (rosuvastatin calcium tablets) for the treatment of high cholesterol diseases also use aluminum blister packaging

in the field of digestive therapy, famous brands of proton pump inhibitors such as Losec MUPs (omeprazole magnesium enteric coated tablets) and Nexium (esomeprazole magnesium enteric coated tablets) listed in the late 1990s and early this century mostly choose cold formed aluminum aluminum blister packaging to enhance the barrier performance of packaging materials and improve the stability of preparation quality, while sterile freeze-dried powder injection dosage form is used in injection

in the field of tumor treatment

Iressa (gefitinib tablets), which was newly launched in China at the beginning of this year, adopts aluminum plastic blister packaging followed by aluminum plastic bags, while the previously listed anticancer drugs, such as "comrade" (bicalutamide tablets) for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer and "ranitidine" (anastrozole tablets) for the treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, also use aluminum plastic blister packaging. The "noread" (goserelin acetate slow-release implant) used for the treatment of prostate cancer, premenopausal and menopausal women's breast cancer uses white or milky white rigid cylindrical polymer slow-release sterile implant, supplemented by a specially designed drug carrying syringe package that can be directly used for injection, which is convenient for clinical use

respiratory field

aerosol (PMDI) with freon as the propellant was originally used as the drug for the treatment of asthma and the rapid relief of asthma symptoms. However, due to the impact of Freon on the atmosphere, AstraZeneca began to promote the patented powder inhalation device "DUBAO" as early as the 1990s, and has successively listed "Boli Kangni DUBAO" (terbutaline sulfate powder inhalation) "Pulmicort DUBAO" (budesonide powder inhalant), "oxdubao" (formoterol fumarate powder inhalant), etc., and in August this year, the new generation of compound inhalant for asthma "xinbike" (budesonide/formoterol powder inhalant) was approved for import and sale. This special multi dose powder inhaler "DUBAO" device driven by inhalation airflow was also used. In addition, renocote, a famous brand for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, is administered only through a mechanical pump without projectiles

in the field of central nervous system

there is still a certain gap between the domestic and foreign levels in the treatment of migraine diseases. The famous brand "Zomig" (zomitriptan tablets) and the new drug for the treatment of schizophrenia "srekang" (quetiapine fumarate tablets) are packed in aluminum blisters; Most products in the field of anesthesia are injections, such as "diprivanol" (propofol injection), a short-acting intravenous anesthetic used to induce and maintain general anesthesia, and "naloxone" (ropivacaine hydrochloride injection) used for surgical anesthesia and acute sharp pain control. The former is pre filled in drug loaded syringes, and the latter is packaged in polypropylene plastic ampoules or plastic infusion bags

OTC drugs:

choose the most "beautiful" packaging

OTC drugs are generally sold in pharmacies, which are purchased by consumers at their own discretion or recommended by pharmacists. Therefore, when there is a "poof" or "poof" sound in the experimental oil pipe, the decisive factor in buying is the popularity of the drug brand and the packaging design of drugs, so beautiful packaging design is very important for OTC drugs

in the classified management of drugs, prescription drugs cover all drug dosage forms, while the dosage forms of over-the-counter drugs are limited. The most typical is that all injections can only be managed as prescription drugs. The choice of drug packaging form is not based on the classification of drugs, but for over-the-counter drugs, because patients have the final right to choose drugs, the packaging and decoration design of over-the-counter drugs often attaches great importance to strong visual impact, good container display effect and affinity for patients. These factors will have a direct impact on the sales of drugs. As we all know, patients usually cannot know the quality of general drugs from their senses. The judgment of the quality of drugs will mainly depend on the popularity of drug brands, packaging quality and preference for packaging decoration. In addition to being well-known, a good OTC brand often pays great attention to its packaging quality and packaging decoration design

we expect AstraZeneca to innovate brilliantly in the Chinese market and continue to innovate, and work with industry peers to promote the continuous development of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging

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