Packaging of the hottest catheter products

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The package of catheter products

the single-chip microcomputer in the inner package of the catheter displays the experimental data and experimental status in real time

each catheter is packed in a medical grade PP plastic bag. The plastic bag has a special tear line in the direction of the catheter head, which is convenient to tear the plastic bag, and ensures that the catheter is not easy to be polluted during use and operation

outer package of catheter

each catheter that has been packed into the inner package, when the bubble expands and expands faster, is sealed and packaged with a paper plastic composite breathable paper on the front and transparent plastic film on the back. After purchasing the product, it is convenient to check the style and appearance of the catheter without opening the packaging bag, so as to determine the vulcanization degree of the latex catheter. Composite breathable paper can effectively improve the sterilization effect of ethylene oxide on the products in the bag, thus ensuring the sterilization quality of each product

catheter packing box

the catheter packing box is made of 400 grams of polished white cardboard, which is strong as a whole. The side of the packing box is marked with the specification and model of the product with valid information, production date, batch number and expiration date of the product. Detailed instructions in Chinese and English are placed in each packing box

packaging quantity: 10 pieces/box

outer packaging box of urinary catheter

the outer packaging box of urinary catheter adopts 180g face paper as the inner layer, high-strength corrugated paper as the middle layer, and 250g kraft cardboard as the surface layer. The side of the box shall be marked with product name, specification, production batch number, sterilization date and other information

box size: 52 × twenty-two × 31.5cm

package quantity: 200 pieces (20 boxes, 10 pieces per box)

source: broadrubber

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